Sunday, May 24, 2009

Range Time!

 The Dearly Beloved and I went to the Pasture/Range Saturday with the ever gorgeous LaP, the ever gentlemanly Law Dog, and the ever industrious Matt.  Matt was kind enough to mow before we shot, so we weren't standing in knee-high grass. He did a Good Job, too.

Our shooting party:

About a year ago I bought a bunch of targets at the Gun Show in Ft. Worth. Among them were these:

After all, who doesn't want to shoot grackles?


Christina LMT said...

You guys look ready to take out some grackles!

phlegmfatale said...

What an arse-kicking lot we are! tee hee.

That was SO much fun. Was fabulous to see you, my dear. I've been missing you.

Crucis said...

When I was growing up, a favorite pass-time of mine and my peers was "bird hunting." That is going after those big black-birds I later discovered were Grackles. That changed later to shooting Starlings.

Pest control at its best via .22LR.