Friday, May 22, 2009

Mowing with Dawgs

The Dearly Beloved and I mowed some yesterday. I'll finish up this morning. But last night he found this entertaining post from Xavier. It's funny, our three dawgs have different reactions to the mower, even now that we've switched to an electric model.

Ben, the big yeller dawg [the Dearly Beloved's Labradisto] has the same reaction to the mower as Xavier's Ilsa. When he is out in the yard, he's a baaaadddd influence on Tip [my Boxer/English Pointer cross]. Ben will grab one front wheel and Tip will take the other one. They proceed to try to free me from the beast's evil clutches. Obviously, it is pulling me along behind it. Ben has to stay inside while we mow.

When Tip is out, without Ben's evil influence, he merely walks along beside me as I mow. I like to think he is my black bodyguard in case the yard monster gets out of control. The only time he leaves me is to go bark at the fence at passers-by.

Boo, the pampered Aussie/Weimaraner will either gaze upon me from a shady spot or wait by the back door to be readmitted to her air conditioned domain. She is SUCH a princess!

Go read Xavier's account of The Smoking Belching Red Demon. It's awesome.   

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Old NFO said...

Good one :-) My German Shepherd used to bite the tires...