Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party

I'll be going to the Tax Day Tea Party this evening up on the old fashioned Square. The founder says the will be a band and several speakers. There are 250 confirmed and another 300 possible attendees.

If I get any good pics, I'll post them tomorrow.

Edited to add:
I realised as I set foot on the grass of the Courthouse Lawn I'd forgotten my camera.
Today's paper gave an estimate of 900 based on information from the P.D. The Dearly Beloved was up on the SW porch and had a panoramic view of the crowd. His estimate [and one of the protest's organizers] was 2500 - 3000.

It was a well-ordered crowd, lots of great speakers. Only 2 protest protesters that I saw. One dressed like in an off-white burlap looking bag dress; past shoulder length frizzy hair and barefoot. He was led away from the crowd x3 by Law Enforcement. The other protester had his head and face wrapped ala Mid-East student protester style. I wonder if he's had that persecution complex very long.

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Crucis said...

My wife and I attended one of four Tea Parties held in Kansas City. Attendance was estimated between 5K and 12K. The entire north lawn of the Liberty Memorial was filled elbow-to-elbow. I posted some pics and links to other pics on my blog.

Hope y'all had fun at yours. We did. BTW, there is another National Tea Party being scheduled for the Fourth of July according to one of the KC organizers.