Thursday, March 19, 2009

WHAT Are They Thinking?

Both of these issues have been widely discussed in the last few days [Vets and private insurance for service related injuries] and weeks [revival of the assault weapons ban].

This blog and video are the Obamassiah's own words from a speech during his campaign. This blog was written several days before the above one. Both express better than I can how reprehensible this plan to save approximately $560 million truly is. WHY, in the name of all that's holy, would these policymakers give irresponsible corporations BILLIONS of welfare with one hand and bitchslap our veterans with the other?

These men and women were injured SERVING this country, not bringing the economy to its knees. They deserve FREE medical care NOT this type of disrespect. We ask much of our citizens in uniform...grueling work under horrible conditions; risking their very lives to advance or protect freedom and democracy; spending protracted amounts of time away from home and family; protecting and defending the Constitution of these United States.

The very LEAST we can do is to care, and I mean CARE, physically and emotionally for them when they are injured. We cannot replace the blood and limbs they have left on foreign soil, but we can do everything possible to restore them to functionality. This is a sacred trust.

For politicians to even think about denying these Brave men and women the medical care they need is enough reason to run them out of office and town. They should hang their heads in shame for daring to propose this atrocity!

Now, on to gun control, specifically the revival of the assault weapons ban.
This is a specious attack on the 2nd Amendment. They propose this new ban will cut down on gun smuggling across the border with Mexico.

Let me get this straight...restricting the rights of Law-Abiding American citizens will somehow stem the flow of guns smuggled [by criminals] into Mexico, a country with even stricter gun laws than the WE have?

First of all, the only people who obey laws are NOT criminals. Second, the people who sell arms across the border ARE criminals. Unless it's the US Government arming Mexican policia and soldiers. Third, there is rampant corruption all over Mexico, how can we be sure all these arms are coming from the US? How many of the cartels' arms are bought or stolen from INTERNAL Mexican sources? And is the Mexican government pressuring the Central American countries [like they are the U.S. governments] supplying the cartels with rocket propelled grenades, rockets and other Serious military grade weapons to curtail their shipments of armaments?

Think about this and ask your CongressCritters to think about Mexico's arrogance. They would rather blame those "nasty" Americans rather than controlling the arms traffic within their own country. I just wonder how many of the American arms smugglers are actually illegal alien criminals [Yes, I realise that's redundant] who have found a super business opportunity supplying arms to the cartels.

And I found this thanks to A Keyboard and a .45. Excellent response to all hoplophobic arguments.


Old NFO said...

Good post! Bottom line is criminals DON'T obey the laws...bottom line...

J.R.Shirley said...

How is it that restricting commonly available U.S. arms will cut down on grenade launchers and machine guns in Mexico?!

Rustmeister said...

Thanks for the link!