Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rationed Health Care???

When I was catching up on my blog reading, I found THIS post on MDOD. Follow the links provided by 911Doc for some interesting [if scary] reading.

The relative scariness is directly tied to your age. So if you're over 50 or are facing taking care of your elderly parents, you may NOT be able to access every medical resource you or your family member needs.

When the determining factor of whether your Medicare/insurance will pay for all your needed treatments based on how many years you will be likely to live... sounds an awful like to state sanctioned involuntary euthansia. Or HMO directed care.

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Rabbit said...

Yeah, I ain't looking forward to any change.

Our good- and expensive- insurance picks up a large chunk of the cost for my weekly IV's. The total tab is around 100k a year (it varies, depending on the price of the stuff per month). Since I'm a member of a small minority of folks with my condition, the only thing that may help me is the GINA Act.