Sunday, March 15, 2009


Well, I've held my tongue long enough.

I read a story last week about the OM buying a house for her 16 children to grow up in. Except... she's lying about financial details of the purchase. She says SHE is leasing with an option to buy the 4/3, $564,900, 2,583 square foot house. The Prudential Realty agent, Mike Patel, says the title is in her FATHER'S name. He also said the house is being bought, not leased. She claims her parents “had nothing to do with it.”

“She also said she had been hoping to receive some donations to support the children's care, through the non-profit organization Angels in Waiting, but no donations have been made.”

I had never heard of Angels in Waiting, so I googled them. This is from their website [], Angels in Waiting, Inc. is "A Nonprofit 501(c) (3) Foundation dedicated to providing loving homes, nursing care and other needed wrap-around services to foster children and medically fragile infants and children in the foster care system."

Now, why does this irresponsible twit think an organization dedicated to FOSTER Children's needs would help HER care for her OWN children? She's not fostering or even adopting her 16 children. She has given birth to all 16 of these kids.

Just WHAT, exactly, is her pathology? What kind of woman, already on public assistance because she has 6 children for whom she cannot provide, goes to a fertility doctor and has her self impregnated with multiple fetuses? What sort of sick, twisted compulsion IS this?

I know there are certain religions with doctrine about contraception. Catholics, for one, are forbidden to prevent pregnancy by artificial means. The Mormons encourage their flock to have as many children as they can afford. And THAT is the key to Mormon philosophy, personal responsibility; to be able to support their children.

Most reasonable folks do not breed indiscriminately. They realistically look at their financial situation and prospects and only have as many children as they can say grace over. After all, there are only so many hours in a day you can devote to your children. Even if you do not have to work to generate income and are able to devote 16 hours [8 hours for sleeping, you know] a day to caring for your kids, they need more than a hour/day per child. And that's if they are healthy.
The Octuplets will need special care for the first several years of their lives due to being born 9 weeks early. AND we haven't heard anything about whether or not all 8 are likely to have developmental delays. Those types of problems require even MORE indivdual attention.
If OM has a compulsion to be pregnant, why didn't she choose to be a surrogate? She could have incubated babies for couples unable to have children the “natural” way! That would have been sensible AND compassionate. But then those actions aren't usually associated with Narcissistic people.


g bro said...

The woman is totally crazy. Your comments are the only thing I have intentionally read or seen about her.

Don't go too easy on Mormons. Many of the polygamist Mormons get the unofficial wives and kids on the welfare rolls and collect lots of public assistance. Not that most Mormons are polygamists.

Christina LMT said...

I can't even tell you how much contempt I feel for this woman. What a loser! And to inflict her issues on so many helpless, innocent children, it's unconscionable.