Thursday, March 05, 2009

Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party

In case you missed last Friday's Tea Party in your town. Or if your town didn't HAVE a Tea Party, you haven't seen the last Tea Party.

Since I'm not on Facebook and had never been to Twitter until yesterday, I found out about the protest from Breda's post.

There was NOTHING I saw in the MSM pre-protest and only a short blurb on the local news AFTER the protest in my area.

Information about the April 15 Tea Party and details on how to organize one for your area can be found at this website.

The National Cotton Council has an uber-neato website for finding contact info for your Congressional Representatives and U.S. Senators. In case you want to communicate to them your displeasure on this monumental mis-spending of our tax money.

I don't know about y'all, but I think bailing out the 7-12% of homeowners who are in default or danger of defaulting on the mortgage loans is a mistake. When we got our mortgage we chose a house we could actually AFFORD. We knew that we would both be out of the work force within a few years, so we calculated what we could and could NOT afford to pay for a house. And our home is one we can make payments on and even a small extra amount applied directly to the principle every month. If there are folks who bought what they wanted instead of what they could actually PAY for THEMSELVES, too bad, so sad. Learn to budget. I didn't buy your house and I shouldn't have to help you pay for it... unless you want to come clean mine and work in the yard for free. I've got a LOT of weeding to do before I can plant my Caladium bulbs. And mowing every other week, that needs to be done, too. But you need to do "poop patrol" before you mow. Three dawgs leave a lot to be cleaned up, trust me.

As for bailing out the greedy, short-sighted insurance companies, banks and auto-makers... Screw them, too! The market WILL correct itself if left ALONE. Then the companies coming through the other side will be stronger and, hopefully, more responsible with corporate assets in the future.

/rant off.


g bro said...

"Calculated?" "Afford?" "Budget?" What's wrong with you people? Spend, spend, spend - that's what I say! ;-)

HollyB said...

There's that sense of humor I lurve so much!

g bro said...

By the way, I saw your comment on Phlegmmy's blog: "There's a movie called 'Idiocracy' that shows what the future will be if the morons keep outbreeding the smart people."

My 1st thought was, "She's talking about this like it hasn't already happened." ;-)

When you gettin' on Facebook?

Brigid said...

I'm about ready to get a "honk if you are paying YOUR mortgage" bumper sticker. I'd lost a job years back when a company went under and had to sell my house at a loss because of it. It happens. I didn't expect the taxpayers to bail me out. Next time I bought a home I went smaller, where I could pay extra on it, so as to have a cushion in case of emergency. Did it hurt to see that first house? Of course. Was it the right thing to do. Yes.

Christina LMT said...

I bought a house a few years ago and had no clue what I was doing. I learned FAST! After working three jobs for awhile, then working seven days a week at my main job for three months, I realized I couldn't make it. I sold the house a year after I moved in, and it broke my heart. I never expected nor demanded any help from anyone. I had got myself into the mess and had to get myself out as well. Lesson learned.