Monday, March 09, 2009

County Pride

I guess it's a "Spring Cleaning" kind of thang.

I was at the County Historical Museum doing my Do-Si-Docent duty this afternoon. The museum is located in the Historic Courthouse on the Square. When I went outside to warm up [the museum temp is about 65 degrees] I noticed a worker putting up new flags. Truthfully, I hadn't noticed the old ones being worn, but they were a little dingy. We've been in a 50 year drought for the last several years. Rainfall is woefully low and so there's a lot of dust no matter which way the wind's blowing.

It fills me with a sense of pride to look up and see bright, clean flags. See, I AM easy to please!
Now, if they'd just get the pigeon poop off the steps...


Old NFO said...

Nice to see that some folks DO care how things look!

Crucis said...

Our neighbor across the street is a retired Marine Master Gunner. He flies the US and Marine flags everyday, weather permitting.

I noticed he replaces them about every two months just to insure the colors are bright and before any wear begins to show. He told me he is installing some lights this summer to allow him to fly the flags at night.