Wednesday, January 07, 2009

This link was sent to me by Act for America.

When you watch the video you’ll see and hear things that are offensive, deeply disturbing, and, frankly, frightening.
You’ll see signs that say “Nuke Israel.”
You’ll hear a woman yell at pro-Israel demonstrators, “Go back to the ovens!!”
You’ll hear vulgar profanities. In the midst of all of this you will see a Muslim leader at the demonstration being interviewed exclaiming that once people really understand Islam they will have “no choice” but to accept it.
And remember that this latest round of violence began with Hamas breaking the cease-fire and launching hundreds of rockets into residential areas of Israel. That’s not very clear from many of the news reports of the past week. Israel has responded to defend itself, as it has every right to do.

I had been wanting to post again about Islamofascists...but this video is much more informative than MY words could ever be.
And keep in mind, this video was shot HERE, in the United States!


g bro said...

Apparently even other governments in the region are disowning Hamas. I think that the root of all this is Euro-American guilt for the Holocaust that led us to set up Israel as a nation in the 1st place. The vicious Arab attacks over the decades and the virtual apartheid practiced by the Israels toward the Palestinians has not left many white hats in this conflict.

Crucis said...


I sure want to kick out the idiots who keep trying to kill me. The islamists are getting everything they've worked for.

g bro said...

I am not supporting islamists. But, yes, apartheid. Hundreds of thousands of Jews immigrated to Palestine from Poland, Hungary, Russia, Germany, Yemen, Ethiopia, etc. The establishment of a Jewish state in 1948 and subsequent wars against Arabs to preserve their state have been accompanied by a disenfranchisement of Palestinians and a generally segregated society (socially and physically) with Palestinians as a lower class. That's what I'm calling apartheid.

phlegmfatale said...



Anonymous said...

Islam ought to be accepted in the modern world about like cannibalism. It's a racist, throwback, primitive belief system that suppresses women and children and dooms its culture to violence and poverty.

chuckr44 said...

Anon, not all Muslims are extremists, and not all extremists are muslims. Who was responsible for the Inquisition? Catholics in Spain. Who sided with the corrupt lords and king in the English Civil War? The corrupt Christian church. Who denied and actively hid evidence of child abuse going on in the church? The Catholic church. Who burned witches at the stake in the US? The Christian church.

And I could Google racist and extremist remarks made by various "Christian" televangelists, but I won't waste my time.