Saturday, November 08, 2008

Match Report

I participated in another competition at Dallas Pistol Club today. This was the monthly Personal Protection match. I shot this match last month and was in last place with a HEARTY margin.
I may wind up in last place again, but I don't think the margin will be a great this time. I looked at my score sheet at the end of the match and my RAW times were better than last month. There were 3 missed hostiles on one stage and 2 on another. The other 3 stages I neutralized ALL the hostiles. Of course I also got gigged for neutralizing an “Innocent”, but he looked guilty to me! And besides I barely winged him.
But overall, I think my accuracy and my times were better this time than the last two times I've shot.

The two hardest stages were the last ones for me. One required the shooter to shoot through a “mail slot.” The fella who designed the course intended shooters to crouch and shoot through the 12” x 4” hole. However, EVERYone on my team knelt on one or both knees to shoot. The R.O. offered to let me start in the kneeling position, but I was a big girl and started on my feet, like everyone else. The thing about it couldn't draw until you were actually ON your knees, so the time to get down added to the shoot time.
Stage 5 required 4 targets to be taken out with the “Mozambique Drill;” that is, two shots to the chest and one to the head. And one of the targets was moving. I actually GOT the head shot on that one!
I only got ONE procedural penalty this time, too. This was for shooting out of tactical order from behind a barrier. That stage had targets on the left that you could shoot in ANY order, but once you moved to the barrier, you had to shoot the right target, the left and then the middle. I forgot this and shot a straight left to right pattern.
What's more important than any of the above, though, is that I had FUN, FUN, FUN. That is what I consider most important in these matches, getting to shoot and having fun doing it.


Julie said...

definitely sounds like you had fun :) ... my theory on "hostages" is if they were silly enough to get taken then they deserve a bullet (in the shoulder) or two :) ... having said that, I managed to not hit one at all this weekend so I'm happy.

SpeakerTweaker said...

That sounds like a ton of fun. I gotta get into some of that type of shooting sometime.

Maybe a carbine match after I get my AR:)