Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dhimmi Watch

The Dhimmization of Iraq is underway. I know some of you are NOT interested in these posts about the harsher side of Islam. But PLEASE take the time to read this one and follow the links. Cultural Jihad is being waged against Christians in other countries and here in America, too.

Muslims in Mosul are demanding that Christians living in that city either convert to Islam, pay the jizyah [jizyah is a tax paid by non-Muslims in exchange for protection] or move to another area of be KILLED.

When Christians in Muslim countries attempt to assert their rights, they are killed or forced out or they become "2nd Class Citizens." Dhimmi-hood is virtual slavery. They must pay a special tax, they cannot wear crosses openly, their church buildings cannot be bigger than any mosque and they cannot ring church bells in a manner that draws the attention of Muslims.

It is FORBIDDEN to talk to any Muslim about Christianity. Any Muslim who converts to Christianity, or otherwise refuses to practice the religion of Islam, becomes an "apostate" and can be killed with impunity.

When Islamo Fascists say "people of the Book" are free to practice their is patently false. There is NO freedom involved in any of the points raised above. When a Christian has to pay a TAX to continue to practice their religion, or simply NOT become a Muslim...where is the freedom in THAT?

Robert Spencer, and Hugh Fitzgerald, in connection with "Front Page Magazine" publishes a daily posting called Jihad Watch and Dhimmi Watch. Cultural Jihad in addition to Violent Jihad is being waged every day all over the world. What I have noticed in my own readings is the Cultural Jihad in Western Europe and here in America. References to Cultural Jihad by writers far more knowledgeable and talented than myself can be found here and here and here. Please read them. Becoming educated about the threat to our freedoms and and way of life is the FIRST step in combating this assault.

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