Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Brave Little Soldier

I believe, more and more, that dawgs resemble their "masters" or Human companions over time.
I also believe the stronger the bond between dog and Human, the more similarities there will be. For instance: I am a bad tempered old Lady; Boo is a bad tempered old Lady. I snore; Boo and Tip snore. The Dearly Beloved and Ben [his Big Yeller Dog] do NOT snore.

I had knee surgery last December. Tip had knee surgery today. The Doc wrapped my right leg from hip to toe and it had to stay on for 5 days. Tip's Doc wrapped his leg from hip to toe and it has to stay on for 5 days.

I think Tip's Doc likes him better than MY Doc likes me, though. Tip's Doc SIGNED his "soft" cast. My Doc didn't sign MY leg wrap.
It looks like an ace bandage. But it's been sprayed with somethin' to make it stiff.

I think, if you click on any of these pics, they will enlarge. [I hope so, anyway. I posted them as 'medium' size.] When you do that, you can see his toes are wrapped in tape. I am supposed to keep this dressing 'clean and dry'. I plan on going by the health department tomorrow to get some free condoms. Then I can just roll those up his leg like a stocking when I take him outside. The tape should keep his nails from shredding the bottom of the condom too badly.

Since he's allowed to go outside ONLY to attend to his bodily functions, I am gonna take a road trip with him tomorrow. Staying home with the other dawgs and not being allowed to go romp and play in the yard; or not being allowed to play rough and run through the house with the Ben dawg will just make keeping him quiet all that much harder. If he and I are alone...then he'll curl up next to me on a bed and sleep. Problem solved.

I was going to head down to Houston to see my Older Brother, but Ike has delayed THAT plan by a week. So I'll be headin' Northwest. I'll try to blog from the road.


phlegmfatale said...

Poor wee Tip. I hope he's 100% again with lightning speed!

Christina LMT said...

Poor Kobe puppy!

Give him a smooch from me!

Have fun on the road...:)

phlegmfatale said...

I just love that Dr. Jones signed the cast.

J.R.Shirley said...

I hope Tip's 100% very soon.

Brigid said...

Tip - get well soon.

Holly - travel safe!

g bro said...

I love the foreleg over the cast. Is he protecting it or just posing for pictures?

HollyB said...

Thank you all for your "Well" wishes. He is doing fine, limping of course, but otherwise OK.

G, I think he was protecting it. He has been very protective of his leg. He growls at Ben if Ben approaches him, or tries to get on the bed. HE avoids Boo. He has more sense than to growl at HER!