Sunday, September 28, 2008

Flood Pics Later, But First..

While I was lookin' through the folder to choose the shots I wanted of the flooding, I found these:

As I walked down the Streets of Lajitas...
I am so lucky to be married to this uber-cutey, masculine man, huh?
In the first picture I was unaware of being shot, but by this one...I knew and was tired of the shutterbugging.
What collection of pics would be complete with out the obligatory shot of the vehicle and the pet?
The Street of Lajitas

While I was waxing poetic to LaP about Greasewood [aka Creosote Bush, aka Larrea tridentata] she wanted to know how big they get. The next day I was at the Warnock Center of the Big Bend State Park. This clump of Greasewood seemed like the perfect way to show her, and y'all, how big they can get.

If the seeds I brought home will cooperate with my tender
ministrations, I will have some bushes like this on my North fence line.
With all the yard work I do, and all the plans I have for my
cactus garden and rebuilding my flower beds and planting NEW hedge bushes...the ONLY bush the Dearly Beloved has ever shown any interest in is Greasewood. He's the one who got ME hooked on it. The Coolest thing about this plant is the smell...if you crush the leaves or break off a stem...there is an INSTANT smell of Fresh Rain.
Of course, it takes on this STRONG smell when it gets wet, too.
This Yucca is about 10 feet tall at the point where I cut off the pic. That's how tall Greasewood can get, LaP.

Lajitas...this is a parking area next to the river. It USED to give access
to some picnic shelters. The lighter area is dried mud. The darker area is still wet and deep. It's hard to fathom the water was this high.

A different view. Oh, yeah, you know that cutey pic of the Dearly Beloved and the one of him with the car and Tip? they were taken here, too.

The Beef Tip testing the mud.
I don't know if it will "show" in this shot...but he was stepping
very gingerly. It was almost like the way he walks on crusty snow.

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phlegmfatale said...

Great to see the arroyos awash. Looks like Tip had a grand time. Looks like his people did, too. Glad yer back, tho.