Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What I've Been Up To

Warm Summer night; four gorgeous women; hair swirling wildly as we drive my topless car down the curvy, Hill Country Farm-to-Market road we laugh madly with the joy of being away from our responsibilities. Folks it just don't get much better than this!

We arrived Saturday. Haven't stopped gigglin' since. I wake UP grinnin'. The ONLY reason you're getting this blog post is b/c I was the 1st one up this mornin'. I can sit here and write at the table looking out the window over the trees, at the the lake through the Hill Country Rain [h/t JJWalker]

Sunday. We hung around the condo, 'til I had to go listen to my obligatory sales talk. Said “NO”, got my prize. Then we went into New Braunsfels and got provisions. When we got ready to make supper, we realized, none of us had thrown a package of pepperoni in the basket, so we went to Plooky's Cajun Boiling Pot. It's just down the road from us, and Saturday night [on our way to [Ed's All-you-can-eat-catfish-buffet] we'd seen three S.O. Patrol Units parked there havin' THEIR evening meal. So we knew it MUST be pretty good.

Children, it was FANfreakinTASTIC! If you ever come to the Canyon Lake area.., and you like crawfish, shrimp, or...especially BOUDIN....go to Plooky's! You will NOT be disappointed! I promise. Unless you are expectin' a tablecloth and metal eating utensils and plates. When you sit at your table Jodi, the owner, comes over with two sheet of white butcher paper and lays that on your table top. She explains the menu, which sits in a plexiglass stand on the table. You can get a pound of shrimp or 2 pounds of crawfish for the same price. With the sides that come with...this will feed two people. So we ordered a pound and a half of shrimp for the 4 of us, PLUS some boudin...cause the Floozie from Mizzouzie and our Gina, our Gal from the PAC NW had never had Boudin! Our shrimp came with redskin new potatoes, corn on the cob, and smoked sausage. Oh, and a basket of sourdough rolls...warm sourdough rolls.
Jodi was pretty busy, so she just left the pitcher of tea on the table so we could refill our own glasses. When she DID have time to come over and visit, she was CHARMING. Not high society, cultured charming, but salt-of-the-earth, funny, honest charming.
I couldn't bring myself to leave after we had paid our check. I stopped by Jodi's table just to tell her what a good time we'd had, wound up sittin' down, tradin' stories and jokes for close to an hour. We will be goin' back there for dinner later this week.

We went Greune on Monday. Had lunch at the Gristmill, lookin' over the Guadalupe. Dian was in the area visiting her Sis, and I called her. She came over and had a glass of tea with us. Then her sister and cousin joined us. I enjoyed seeing Mary for the first time in 4 yrs. We did a fast catch-up and then they were off for some antique shopping.

After we finished our delicious lunches and fabulous desserts...WE went shopping. Don't worry, Dearly Beloved, I didn't spend too much money. But I DID pick up a Christmas present and something to put away for the Angel Baby Girl and the Grands to use as their something old and/or something borrowed at the Gruene Antique Company. More Christmas Presents and something for me at Lonestar for me. Stocking stuffer and fridge magnet “Whoever said 'Life is Good' Must've been in Texas” at The Gruene General Store. Next Door at Cotton Eyed Joe's I got two tees: A map of the US, painted with the TX flag and the motto below “Y'all Wish” ; and the second one is MY “Home” tee just like the Dearly Beloved's. I also got a bookmark there that says, “Fixin' to Read” and it's bordered with bluebonnets and cowboy boots and cacti and all sorts of things.

The last store we visited in Greune was “Natural Selections”. Floozie got a Horse, from the Trail of Painted Horses collection. Now I know what to get her for Christmas and b'days from now on...I can just add to her collection. LaP go some FAB earrings made of beetle wings. And the Dearly Beloved bought me a Christmas pendant. Honest. I'm gonna give it to him when I get home and he can put it somewhere and keep it 'til December. Just have to get my sterling chain back from the ABG to hang it on.

Today, we're gonna relax and watch the rain. And play it by ear. But, that's pretty much what vacation's are all about, right?


SpeakerTweaker said...

Oh CRAP!!!

I forgot y'all were at the Lake this week! So sorry.

Drop me an email. We'll do lunch or something.


Brigid said...

It sounds ideal. . the perfect get away.

I am so jealous.


phlegmfatale said...

thanks for having me along, hols. i've had a blast. lurve ya!

Christina LMT said...


I'm turning green here in boring, tawdry Vegas.



J.R.Shirley said...

Sounds like a great time. :-)