Friday, July 18, 2008

The second place I found in Claremore, I discovered by accident.
I had asked Gertrude to find some antique stores close to the Davis Museum. I figured the Dearly Beloved would be busy there for a few hours and I could spend my time browsin' a couple of antique stores to while away the time. As I pulled to the curb for the first Antique Boutique...there was "The Horse of Course"! How could I NOT check out an establishment with such a clever name?

As I stepped in I realized this wadn't your ordinary tack shop. Oh No, my friends. This shop, in the middle of small town Oklahoma, carries a full line of English tack and apparel. Plus ever so many little and big must have items to make the rider's and horse's life easier. They also have a Master saddler on site. The best thing about this store...other than the name? It smelled like LEATHER.

I just had a ball browsing the store. When I'd made a circuit, I talked to the manager about leather products and how hard it was to find “pretty” gun leather. She and I talked about women and guns and how important it is to be able to defend yourself. I think she may be a convert.
So if you find yourself in Claremore, or if you need some nice tack, visit The Horse of Course.


IceFire said...

I just love it when you "spead the gospel" (of gun ownership and self-defense, that is) on your travels! Keep up the good work of gathering "converts", Holly!

phlegmfatale said...

Holly's an ambassadress of all that is good and right-minded. actually. I've seen her in action, and it's pure poetry. She's my heroine!

Anyhoo - any place that smells like leather?
I'm totally down with that sickness.

C B Lainy said...

Your mind knew it was secretly there the whole time, huh?


Leather is heavenly smelling. What a way to start the day:)

Farmgirl said...

I love the smell of a good leather shop.. although if you're familiar enough with the different treatments and oils used you can tell the difference between a Western saddle shop and an English one.

Maybe I'm biased but a Western saddlery smells better to me.

As for "pretty" gun leather... the problem with the leather used in English tack is that for the most part it's too thin to make a good sturdy holster. The English harness leather that they use on peripheral pieces, breastcollars, headstalls, etc, I like, because it's strong and still lightweight, but its difficult to find it in anything but strips.