Sunday, July 13, 2008

Shamelessly Stolen from....

LaP, who stole it from Brigid. I loved comparing myself to these rough, tough Action Heroes of my childhood Saturday afternoons. And I DO scare some peeps with my Steely glare, just like Eastwood and Van Cleef [my actual personal fav for BAD guy] . Take the simplistic quiz. It's fun.

What Kind of a Western Bad-Ass are You?
created with
You scored as Clint Eastwood

Names aren't important as you dish out steaming bowls of piping hot brutality to your enemies. You also enjoy a good spaghetti dinner once in a while.

Clint Eastwood


John Wayne


Lee Van Cleef


Lee Marvin


Charles Bronson



g bro said...

I scored as 100% Eastwood, but I think they meant to say Tim Conway or Don Knotts.

J.R.Shirley said...

I also scored as much more Clint than thou, but that's offset by my resemblance to The Duke, as well...