Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bleg for Daniel's Big Trip

Please, Please, Please:
Go Here. Read.
Give whatever you can.
Give because he served our country for 11.5 yrs.
Give because he left his blood, his right hand and part of his right arm on the sand in Afghanistan.
Give because his story inspires you.
Give because you were in the Army.[Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Guard, or know someone who is/was]
Give because you flew helicopters, too. [or wanted to]
Give because he makes you laugh.
Give because he has a Boxer.
Give because he has ferrets.
Give because he's a medical student.
Give because you like dawgs.
Give because you're a generous person.
Just give, Please.
Thank you.

Any money he doesn't use for his trip will be donated to Wounded Warriors.

And, Y'all... THANKS! A LOT!

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C B Lainy said...

What a heartwarming and wrenching story. I wish him all of the happiness he deserves.

Holly, how do you manage to find these wonderful blogs?