Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

I went on a shoe buying spree. Well, not an Imelda Marcos spree or anything. Just three teensy little pairs.

The first pair I ordered I knew there was a chance I might have to send them back. If I'd done this post when I first thought about doin' it, I'd have a pic in their color. But, NO, not me. I had to procrastinate.
So now, I have to post a picture of my shoes, but in a different color. Try to imagine these in a Rich, Bright Purple.
Can you see the detail on the heel? Doesn't that break your heart? I tell you it was like a push-up bra for my feet, those shoes were so sexay! And the way they take that daring PLUNGE?!?! ZOMG!
Well, they are beautiful, no doubt about that. They also made me feel like I was walking on stilts. I simply cannot do 4”, skinny heels. So they are going back to Zappos. Thank Gawdess for a 365 day return policy and free shipping both ways.
Now THIS pair? I almost had the Dearly Beloved buy me this pair back in February. That's how loong I have been lusting for this pair of Beige and Tan Leather perfection. I don't know what it is about that
lacing up the side of the shoe... but um, um, um.
My motor hums for any shoe or boot that laces up
the side!

I can't remember...did I ever post a picture of the first pair of RED high heels I've had in 20 years? Well, just in case y'all have forgotten what they look like:
These are the beauties I wore for 6 hours at John and Jordy's wedding. And my feet were NOT sore that evening when I took them off. Ask the Dearly Beloved if you don't believe me!

The last pair, and I have promised the DB they will be the last pair I buy this year...well the last pair of 'vogs, anyway. Unless I decided I NEED a pair of Fluevog BOOTS for Christmas. But in that wouldn't really be ME buying them now would it? It would be DB buying them FOR me.In any case, I bought this last pair to replace the Purple pair. See I had bought the Purple 'vogs to go with this Lovely Lavender Dress I got to wear to my niece, Diana's, wedding next month. It has a lavender background, with lavender, purple, and orchid colored flowers. Every now and then there is a DARK green leaf. So I got these shoes:

If you really like any of these shoes...or want to see them from different angles... or want to see what other delights for the feet, John Fluevog has in "store" for YOU...go Here
I would recommennd, if you want to order a pair of your very own 'vogs, that you call one of the stores. I can give very HIGH marks to Leigh Ann in the Chicago Store. She is a transplanted Texas girl. She always includes a sweet note and a couple of "dum dum" suckers in my shoe box.
You need to call A store though to ask about how true to size a particular shoe runs. It's helpful to know the details a website can't tell you about a shoe when you don't live in a city that has a Fluevog store.


J.R.Shirley said...

Shoes! Yay! I'm not sure how I feel about that second pair.

g bro said...

Quite pretty. I especially like the green ones.

phlegmfatale said...

I won't be flattering myself if I say "I have created a monster," will I? *beaming*

You're my shoe-baby!

Christina LMT said...

They are stunning AND nifty!
Now if only I had some clothes I could wear lovely shoes with...

Bryandrya said...

Wow… awesome collection. Lacing up the side of the shoes is really great. Those need to be in my closet.