Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

Mother's Day started v.v. Early.
The Dearly Beloved and I went to bed after midnight Saturday night and he asked me if I wanted to get up at any certain time Sunday morning. I allowed as to how I just wanted to sleep in.
“Yeah,” he nodded his understanding, “You worked hard today! You deserve to sleep late tomorrow.”

I want to take a paragraph out of my Mother's Day blog to praise my Husband. There are men out there who don't have a CLUE about what goes into the plannin' of a good party. The place; inviting the right mix of peeps; how much of what foods and drinks to purchase and prepare; when to set up; mixin' and minglin' and makin' everyone feel welcome. The Dearly Beloved is not one of those husbands. He is aware of the effort I made to make his party a happy occasion and he thanked me. And I appreciate that.

The first call I got that day was from John. He called to wish me a happy Mother's Day and to find out how his present of hot sauces [Red Death and Sissy Sauce] and Maniac Mustard were received. We had a nice chat and then he and DB talked for a bit.

I opened the card from my younger StepSon after that. He'd given it to me the day before, but I showed remarkable restraint and waited until it was actually Mother's Day to read it. He told me I was his “Favorite” stepmother! How Kewl is that!?!

The ABG had to work Sunday, but after she got off, she and Son came over and the three of us went to Hannah's for dinner. We sat out on the patio and listened to the fountain's music as we ate and laughed and talked our way through fried green tomatoes, a steak for Son and I and grilled salmon for the ABG. Lucky for me...Son doesn't like onion rings, so I got his 5 plus my own. YEE-HAW!

Their cards brought smiles and a tear for the sentiment. I can hardly believe I'm a “shining example”, but it's nice of her to say it.
OTOH, I've tried to be a better mother than the mothers I have. Not terribly hard, I've had advantages they didn't have. I admitted a long time ago I needed help and I got it. So I guess, I am doing OK. We'll see if I can be a good MiL someday, I hope.

All in all, this was a good Mother's Day.


C B Lainy said...

You deserve to have a good MD :)

phlegmfatale said...

Your kids are lovely, and it's no surprise, considering the source. Glad you had a deservedly nice Mother's Day. :)

ABG said...

A good MiL?!!! The pressure!!! Oh my goodness. I need to go lie down. Love You, Mom!