Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Feelin' a Little Prickly Tonight

But that's because I spent part of my morning working on this:
As you can see, I had let the grass get TOTALLY out of control.

The weight of the "lobes" had caused them to rest on the ground. In the process of lifting one branch up, I broke a lobe off.

So I propped it up with this edger, in the shot on the left.The piece I broke off I planted in an area cleared of grass.

Since these two plants started as two lobes hacked off a big plant out in Terlingua and plopped down in some succulent potting soil on the "sunny" side of the house, I have every reason to believe this little fella, with it's own 'baby' will grow in this same medium.

Now THIS pale lobe on the left, was the side showing. When I flipped it over, I found this amazingly healthy looking green side that had been laying on the ground. I am thinking, since it had come loose from the "Mother" plant [see the brown part at the bottom in the left pic?] I'll make a fresh cut, above the brown part and plant it to the right of the stand, in the area I clear in the morning.

I worked about an hour and a half and here is the result:

Now? Now I'm off to remove the little hair/fur like needles the cacti left in my flesh.

And tomorrow I'll post the pics of the hedge 'trimming' I did Thursday and today.


Christina LMT said...

All I can say is...OW!!

I hope your cacti continue to flourish, without pricking you with their needles!

phlegmfatale said...

jee whiz, you did a lot of work!

Now you need to post some needle extraction pictures!