Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Ultimate Gift

Two men I respect posted y'day about this worthy cause. MonkeyGirl posts a touching story about a man who ...just go read the story.

One of my nieces married a FF/PM. They are having their first child in August. I shudder at the thought of Randy dying in the line of duty. Yet every time that truck rolls...

We simply do NOT pay LEOs, FF, or EMS a salary commensurate with the risks they take. But then 99.9% of them get into that line of work, not to be heroes, but to be HELPERS.

So. Go. Read. No matter if you had to write Uncle Sam a check y'day or you bought a gun y'day, I KNOW you've still got $5 in your pocket. Yes, you do! Don't lie to ME. You were gonna go to Taco Bell with that money, or buy a 6 pack or a pack of cigarettes. Well, have a PB&J sandwich, a pitcher of tea, and make your last pack last a little longer.

Those little boys need that $5 more than you need Taco Bell or beer or cigarettes. And If I can find an extra $5 after the check I had to send me, YOU can send $5!!!

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