Wednesday, April 23, 2008

MeMe Filler

While I work on a post about the goings on at the ElDorado FLDS, Yearning for Zion Ranch Compound...
Read this:

5 Things Found in My Purse
1. Pistol and spare magazine [didn't count these as separate items as I consider them a set]
2. Address/Date Book. NOT a Daytimer...I wouldn't spend that much money, but similar
3. Ann Taintor coin purse to hold small important stuff, like pocket knife, bandaid, book of matches
4. Prescription Sunglasses with cutey purple/pink almost cat's eye frames
5. Flashlight, in case

5 Things Found in My Room
1. C-PAP, so I don't stop breathing in my sleep
2. Books, I'm always reading something at bedtime
3. Replacement buttons from new blouses, b/c I clip them off the tags when I take them off the hangar in my closet
4. 3 small jewelry boxes, I should get One big one, but I can't bear to part with these small ones.
5. Tip, my biggest dawg. He's on the bed when he's not outside or by my side

5 Things I'm "Into"
1. Shooting
2. Writing
3. Dawgs
4. "Holly" items
5. Johnny

5 Things I've Always Wanted to Do
1. Skydive
2. Go to Ireland
3. Return to Scotland
4. Write a Novel
5. Have a greenhouse

Now I'll give y'all the same choice Sparrow gave her readers...pick this up when you're stuck for a topic. I'll add this, though: Please leave me a comment and let me know when you're pickin' this MeMe up so I can read yours. Thanks.

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Sparrow said...

Cautionary tale -- my house was robbed several years ago (in spite of a 90 lb. dog) and the first thing they grabbed was my jewelry box. If you have anything of value, it should be hidden somewhere -- hollowed-out book, wall safe, anything but a jewelry box. I don't have one now.

Good job on the meme!