Sunday, March 02, 2008

Happy 173rd Birthday, Texas!!!

Yes, Children. 173 years ago today, a noble republic was born when a group of settlers decided they wanted "NO More" of the chains of unarmed slavery demanded by the Mexican Government. Declaring Independence, they signed the Texas Declaration of same. 13 months later, at the Battle of San Jacinto, the Army of the Republic would defeat the Army of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana. Santa Ana would be taken prisoner and Texas' independence would be won.

But on this day, that glorious April victory was a long time in the future. They, the settlers, the patriots, the freedom fighters from within the borders of Texas and from around the United States who came to aid us in our battle to overcome a tyrannical despot, would face many hardships in those 13 months.

They would have to face a lack of training, but they had plenty of men willing to lead. The leaders didn't want to follow any of the other leaders, however. They would have to face economic hardships, but they had a land rich in natural resources. The people who lived on the land, the women and children of the men willing to fight for freedom would be burned out, forced to leave their homes and sent on the refugee road.

And those men who were fighting, what of them? Some would die, as soldiers often do. But others would be MURDERED after surrendering under what they were given to believe were honorable circumstances. Many of these volunteers never having heard of the concept of "No Quarter," they were totally surprised when stood before Mexican firing squads.

Yes, these and other events were to happen. Why these ignorant, unwashed, farmers and peasants, as the Mexican elite thought of the Texas settlers, even borrowed from the ancient Greeks for their first flag.

It was at Gonzales. Well, that's another blog.


CBL said...

I used to live in Gonzales and have fond memories of my divorce from the ex.
Great post.

g bro said...

Slavery? Tell me more.

In my Texas History book, I read that the settlers went in because of reports that Santa Ana had WMD's. After they deposed him, then they found out that Texas had oil. ;-)

(I could not help myself. Forgive me, Mr. Syer.)