Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dancin' Queens...and their Partners

They danced, and danced and then they danced some more...

John and Jordana's first dance as husband and wife

still dancing...

Cheek to brow

Roger and Michelle
Ditto, and is it just me? or does Michelle look like she's really enjoying dancing?

NO! I don't wanna dance anymore, Dad!
Jordy, Roger and [nephew] Matt. I guess the nephew talked her into it.
Sisters! Is this dancing or that Whirly game we used to play?
It's a Hava Nagila Conga Line!


Lin M. said...

beautiful. . I still can't look at the photos of my daughter and son in law dancing at their wedding without big tears.

Congratulations to them. . and many many years of happiness in their future.

HollyB said...

It was a beautiful ceremony. Very personalized and memorable. The reception was a blast! They were among the last to leave. Kinda like me, I had to be FORCED to leave my last wedding reception, I was just havin' so much fun, I didn't wanna stop.