Thursday, December 27, 2007

The San Francisco Tiger Tragedy

[I haven't read any other blogs on this topic at the time I'm drafting this rant. If any of my blogger friends, has a different opinion, I respectfully disagree. I know that we both have enough tolerance to allow each other that room. Also, although I'm drafting this on ISP is being contrary, so I may not get it posted until Friday. Sorry for the delayed gratification.]

I expect to read many mis-statements on blogs, as well as in the MSM, in the coming days about the reasons those IDIOT Brothers in San Francisco were trying to climb into the tiger, Tatiana's enclosure. I expect mis-statements from MSM sources. They are pandering to the masses for ratings. Those whores will keep their reports politically correct, laden with pathos, and plucking at the heartstrings of susceptible family members everywhere.
I expect better from bloggers. We are independent. We have no sponsors to whom we must answer. We're not accountable to a Board of Directors should our readership “numbers” fall or we receive a few outraged comments because we hold foolish individuals responsible for ill-advised behavior.

That's exactly what these brothers were: Foolish. They were most definitely not tragic and they certainly weren't MACHO! The Dearly Beloved will go into a much more detailed description of machismo, so I'll merely paraphrase the late, truly great Col. Jeff Cooper by saying that true machismo “is not hairy-chested-ball-scratching,” or words to that effect.
It takes a very special kind of hubris to think that you will escape unscathed if you attempt to climb into an enclosure with a 4-year-old, 350 pound Tigress! We know that's what Idiot Brother #1 was trying to do because he left his shoe [and blood] on the wrong side of the gate leading into the enclosure.

I don't think he would have thrown his shoe at Tatiana if she had already managed to leap that close to an escape. A shoe is not an effective weapon against 350 pounds of predatory muscle, teeth and claws. Besides, if she had already made her leap, he'd have needed the time it takes to remove and throw the shoe to start running away. Also, in order to effectively run away, he'd need either both shoes or no shoes.

No, I think, and I'm making this prediction before Idiot Brothers #2 and 3 have made any public statements, that it's much more likely that Idiot Brother #1 was KNOCKED out of that shoe by the impact of Tatiana's body as she pounced upon him!

You have noticed by now that I have not used the names of these young men. I mean no disrespect to their unnamed, grieving family, they have my sympathy. [unless and until they try to sue the Zoo for the death of their son through his own actions, then all bets are off!] That is not an oversight on my part. It is deliberate. They forfeited the right to be treated with a scintilla of respect the moment they executed this ill-conceived, imprudent, Icarian plan. The tragedy is not that one of them was killed and the other two sustained injuries, that was the inevitable consequence of such idiocy. The lamentable result of their action was the destruction of a magnificently exquisite beast following her God-given instincts!

Tomorrow, I take on the San Francisco Zoo. Those morons!


W.C. Varones said...

Darwinian natural selection at its finest!

Jay G said...

Sometimes, stupid hurts. Or kills.

phlegmfatale said...

those dipshits deserve whatever they got- try as our nanny-state might, there's no real way to insulate pipples from their own stupidity. Nor should we try. It's called "survival of the fittest" for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Now that the SFPD says there was no bloody shoe inside the enclosure and a foot print doesn't make it "his" foot print. And just what does a foot print prove. Maybe you should wait for some more facts befor letting emotions run away. But yea there doesn't seem to be a good enough reason for not haveing camera watching everything.

HollyB said...

@ Anonymous -

Maybe YOU should listen to the news with more attention...the SFPD was prevented from going "On Scene" by Zoo officials for at least 10 minutes! How in the name of Sweet Shivering Shive would they know if the scene had been tampered with...say a shoe moved, or not, given the time elapsed, and who knows WHAT the zoo employees were covering up while the Cops were cooling their heels at the gate?
HellsBells! The Zoo Officials didn't even know HOW Many Tigers were roaming the grounds and attacking patrons!
So maybe YOU better get your facts lined up before you take me to task.
Oh... and learn how to freakin' SPELL and compose a complete sentence before you come back to my house!

Anonymous said...

Yes you are probably right, a zoo employee conspiracy to hide evidence during that 10-minute delay. And I must apologize for not running "spell check" before I posted. But when you ask for comments does that only mean comments that agree with you? How many in your mutual admiration society have you taken to task for spelling? Just wondering...
So my points are.
1) If you don't want comments don't ask for them. If you only want agreement only allow agreement.
2) Conspiracy theory, or were you reaching to justify your reaction?
3) Do you really think the police would by delayed by some zoo employee who said they couldn't enter?
4) Stupid actions bring their own consequences but if every 17 year old who did "stupid" got killed for it how many 18 y.o. males would there be.
As ever,
the above anonymous
It is YOUR blog run it any way you like