Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Just Because You're Paranoid ...

doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.

I saw a report on the local news that there have been a spate [sp?] of parking lot robberies of women in Far North Dallas and its Northern 'burbs lately. I said to my self, "Self, it would probably be a good idea if, at least until after the holidaze, you carried your weapon on your hip." I then replied, "Yeah, you're probably right."

A couple of factors are at work here:
  • While I don't live in one of those Northern 'burbs, I live close enough that these crimes make me nervous.
  • While my normal carry spot is accessible, it's not as accessible as my hip.
  • What I carry is legal, so don't get your Vickies in a twist.
  • And lastly, NO, I will NOT state here what I am carrying, it's none of your business.

So, I'm just curious... has anyone else changed their personal habits in regards to security because of robberies, car jackings, increased violence in the neighborhood, etc.?


Teri said...

Nice Blog :)

phlegmfatale said...

Um, I NEED to be packing as my truck window was broken on my street Friday night. Creepy. Yeah, and I've been hearing about all those burglaries in my area.

lainy said...

While I don't live anywhere near a big city I do use precaution's, like I drive with all my doors locked and the windows all the way up.These days everyone has to be very careful, big city or small town.

I say show em that gun and let em think! I bet you're more beautiful with that gun swaying on that pretty hip;)

The Captain said...

I carry everywhere anyway, and the way I carry is always accessible.

g bro said...

Are you starring in a remake of this fine musical?

Pistol Packin' Mama (1943)

HollyB said...

I cannot and will not confirm or deny the above assumptions that my weapon is a handgun. Texas has a CONCEALED handgun law and announcing that I am carrying would be pretty silly, not to mention defeating the spirit of the law.
If you will stop and think, there are a variety of weapons that could be carried in a woman's purse, or on her hip: a knife, a taser, pepper spray, etc.

shooter said...

Well, Holly, as long as what you are carrying begins in a 3 or 4 and ends in either a -57, 8, 4, or 5 I'm reassured as to your safety. On the other hand, if it begins in O and ends in C...that ain't too bad either (Stuff like that saved my big sis in the north Houston burbs not too long ago...there was a mall shooting next to where she deployed hers).

Now, if it ain't any or all of the above, promise us that it will cause severe and hopefully irreparable harm to any targeted extremities. We don't call it asshole repellent for nothing.

Stay safe, Tiger.

KD5NRH said...

Of course, the Serbu Super Shorty would be hard to class as a handgun under TX law (not made or adapted to be fired with one hand) so, as long as you keep the federal paperwork with you, you should be OK with it concealed or not :)

Besides, who's going to argue with you if you have that little monster strapped on? :)

Mark said...

As long as it's legal, and you know how to use it, we're all good :)

New Girl said...

Nope, lucky for me, we don't have car jackings, armed robberies, or increased violence as long as you don't go into the Hole In The Wall bar (migrants), don't go down MLK Drive and don't be drinking with a bunch of rednecks. ;)

Occasionally we'll hear of somebody's bike or fishing tackle being stolen from under their shed and we had a mugging once (guy was walking home at night past the drug dealer's house) and a driveby but that was on MLK Drive so Go Figure. All the violence going on in our region is taking place between scalawags who know each other.

It's nice to live in a rural area :)

New Girl said...

PS - I don't even lock my door...

g bro said...

Or you could slice him up with your rapier wit, or hose him down with caustic invective. ;-)

phlegmfatale said...

Oh, but to answer your question, I already strived to be very aware of my surroundings and keep my eyes peeled, but it does serve to heighten my awareness, in a way.

HollyB said...

the caustic invective I can do. The rapier wit seems to come and go. I fear it would desert me at the moment I needed it most.

Rabbit said...

I haven't changed anything; SWMBO is always pretty tight on situational awareness, which is a good thing. She's just ticked off she works on prohibited premises where there have been plenty of incidents over the last several years and can't carry to and from her building.

My building has a non-regulation prohibition sign on the doors, but all the folks in my group have come to me at one time or another and told me that if anyone twists off, they'e hiding in my cube and tossing me out to go deal with it.

Nothing ever happens in my neighborhood, even though there's a fairly large apartment complex nearby. However, I'd probably feel better with a FN-FAL slung over my shoulder some days.

SWMBO has decided she wants a(nother) new pistol soon. Myself, I wish I could talk her into that pistol being a Kel-Tec PLR-16, not that what she has in mind isn't fine.


lainy said...

Just wanted to let you know you're in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery without lots of pain.

Love & hugs

Assrot said...

Yep. I just changed from a .38 S&W snubbie in an IWB holster to a nice little .45 ACP S&W Chief's Special in a shoulder holster.

I find I am quicker on the draw from across the chest than from the hip when carrying concealed.

I also wanted a big, slow round that will go into the scumbag, spread out and stay in said scumbag. I think the Hornady XTP .45 JHP personal defense ammo does that job rather nicely.

Just my preference. I'm sure everybody's is different. I too am a law abiding citizen that carries legally every where it is legal to do so. These days I would not go without it.

We have no shortage of nuts, crackheads and other such folk down here in Florida. The crackheads and dopers will try robbing a man my size (6'-4", 300lbs) just as quick as they will try to rob a woman. I guess the dope has addled their senses so much that they don't know they can't win even if they are armed.