Wednesday, November 14, 2007


It is my firm belief that there are correlations between many things in our lives. Now some would call these coincidences, but I think it's much more that a mere coincidence.

I think that there is a direct correlation between the fact that I have had an URI for the last week and the fact that it has become progressively more difficult to produce something significantly intelligent/witty/entertaining for y'all to read about Veteran's and their one Day a year to be recognized, or the other topics I have lined up in the Blog Fodder file.

I broke down y'day and called the Doc y'day afternoon and got worked into the schedule for today. After I see him and get some medicine for this new infection [or maybe it's just a resurgence of the one I had at the end of September-beginning of October] I will try to make my brain work at a higher level of functioning than I've managed for the last week or so.

I really hate it when I have all these incredible inspirations to riff on...and I just can't get around the congestion, coughin', and fatigue. It's hell when you're not getting enough oxygen to those little grey cells. Kelly [and GBro and Megan and Doris and all the rest of y'all], I can hear you just fine. And I'm thinkin' about it.

BUT, how many of y'all have talked to heroin and cocaine users and been told that kickin' those drugs was easier than givin' up the coffin nails? The Chantix, which is supposed to be this frickin' wonder drug that makes it easy cheesy to quit, gives me psychotic dreams! I tried it for 2 months last Spring. Those of you who were here in Person will remember, it was NOT a pretty sight. I had all the nasty side effects and didn't feel ANY decrease in desire.

Doris and GBro were around in '84 when I had pneumonia and quit. I quit for 2 months. Then I started again. I have quit for varying periods numerous times in the 23 years since then. Maybe I will get tired enough of these chronic sinus infections to co back to the Nicotrol Inhalers. They were pretty effective. Maybe between them and NicoDermCQ I can kick 'em this next time.


Jay G said...


Best of luck should you decide to try to quit again.

I'm going on my seventh full year off the butts, and all I need to do to stay off 'em is to look at current prices... :)

phlegmfatale said...

Aw, jeez - I always hate hearing you're feeling po'. Hopefully this new front of cool, dry air will help dry out your sinuses and clear all that mess up? Take care of you, you sexy thang!

Chris said...

Feel better, girl! And even as a doctor who has taken out cancerous lungs only to find the telltale signs of spread and failure, I still crave a smoke after a great meal. It isn't easy.

All my best,


Crazy Baby Lainy said...

Holly Hon,
How about this....... I need to quit also and have many times just to go back to smoking.. The hardest part for me is living with a smoker. I say if you are really serious I'll quit with you. It always helps, I think, to do it with someone else.
We'll work out a date, pledge a promise to ourselves and one another.

Let me know when you're ready.

I love ya!

Holly said...

you know, having a Buddy might just be the ticket, no weird SNL character voice insert. I'll call you later today.