Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Whenever I see something electronic, or tool related, there's a part of my brain thattakes over all higher functioning. It is the part that points, mataphorically, and gleefully sings outs, "SHINY!" I do not know from whence this originated. Perhaps it's because I have 4 brothers, and almost all my cousins are guys. Whatever the cause, I seem to be helpless when this part of my brain takes over.
I roam the aisles of Home Depot endlessly, dreaming of projects I could accomplish if only I had the right tools. No matter that I haven't a clue how to use these tools I covet, if I owned them I would learn to use them. Ah, yes! /cue music for "A Few of My Favorite Things"

Routers, and Band Saws, and Pneumatic Hammers;
Drill Presses, Tile Cutters, Sheet Metal Screws;
Elfa Shelving with Hat Racks and Sweater Shelves,too,
These are a few of my favorite dos.
Okay, okay, so it doesn't rhyme. But you get the idea.

I do the same thing when I go to Office Max or Staples or Goddess forbid, one of those Electronic MegaStores. I drool all over the electronic pretties. My brain is screamin' "SHINY! SHINY! SHINY!" Well, Monday I broke down and gave into my baser urges. I bought a new Shiny at Office Max.

In my defense, it was on sale. I saved $15 by buying the cordless keyboard/mouse combo. Our cordless mouse died a while back and we had been reduced to using a corded one because I kept putting off going and getting a new mouse. And, there are a LOT of times I'd like to just kick back in the chair and prop my feet on the desk and balance the keyboard on my legs and type in that position. NOW, with the cordless keyboard, I can. This keyboard, by Logitech, BTW, has a key you can press that will automatically take you to your internet homepage. Another takes you to your music, and the controls are on the keyboard, too. The function key are all different, too. There's one to tell you if the batteries in your mouse [2 AA] and keyboard [2 AAA] are good, one to take you to your Word Processing program, one for spreadsheets, another for Print, another for Save, one to undo, and one to Redo. Then there are the 4 that you can program. Pretty darn Kewl, huh? Or am I just bein' a geek?

Anyway, I'm happy because I have new tech toys and I saved money.


Mark said...

Why do you sound like a Kender? :)

g bro said...

U go, grrrrrrrrrrrl!

I spent ages with the woman at my house saying, "It's not what you 'save', it's what you spend." There typicaly has not been enough helium to suspend that lead balloon, but dammit, Jim, I'm an engineer, not a retail therapist!

Holly said...

Mark, what's a Kender?

Mark said...

A kender is a charecter from Role Playing Games like Dungeons and Dragons who has a Penchant for shiny things. It could be the sword of power the hero needs but can't find. He never steals things he just borrows them until you really really REALLY need them :)

phlegmfatale said...

you're so wired-y!