Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Weird Wednesday

Is it the Moon, or is it because it's Talk like a Pirate Day? There has just been some weird stuff going on in my life the last few days. Matt G posts about a fella down in Houston running for President who is crazy as a Loon. Tam links to the story. Marko not only links to it, but advocates voting for the guy because, in his words, "I'd vote for this dude if I could.He can't be any worse than the selection of clowns running already, and with him at least you know beforehand you're getting a complete nutcase who will spend four years hiding in a tool shed at Camp David with a tinfoil helmet on his head. "

Then today, I get a text message from Angel Baby Girl. She wants to have lunch today. So I go meet her for lunch. What does she do? She scolds me for not telling her a couple of things she thought I should have WHEN she thought I should have told her. Then, she paid for lunch, the bossy little thang! Can you say role reversal?

Continuing this theme, however, I went over to MY Mother's and said a few things to her that were loooong overdue. Those of you who have known me in what some so vividly refer to as "meat space", know what a difficult proposition that task is. But, as FarmGirl would say, "I got the bit back in her mouth, gave about three good tugs on the reins, and now she's back under control, for now." Knowing her, she'll need another reminder of where the boundaries are in a couple of months, and a reminder that she can't play the "Poor Me" card. I don't take trips on the Guilt Train anymore.

I'm going down to Killeen, tomorrow. But I'm stayin' there. I'll post from Mom's at least once while I'm there. For those of y'all who are confused right about now... Mom is my StepMother, and Mother is my BioMother. They are two very different women. I often wonder WHAT my Daddy was thinkin'?


g bro said...

He was probably thinking, "That first was fun when she wasn't nuts. The second one is a great relief. She acts like a normal person!"

Sorry, I rarely saw your Dad, I was just hypothesizing. Smack me if I stepped ot of bounds.

phlegmfatale said...

Someone needs to make up a "Mercer's da Man" button that we can post on our blogs and link to his campaign. Anyone THAT far off the reservation has got to be more in the ballpark than what we've been having for the past couple decades...

crazy baby lainy said...

Yes, it's slim pickings for our next President.

Have a fun and safe trip. And, do blog from there so we don't miss you.;)

~Fathairybastard~ said...

We gonna have lunch?