Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Newest Kid on the Block

I want to welcome a Gentleman of extreme intelligence, refinement, skill, wit, and taste to the world of blogging.
Yes, friends and neighbors, my Dearly Beloved has thrown his pen into the ring, as it were, and set up his own blog. After he gets back from a trip to the range, he'll even have a picture on his shiny new blog! Go visit and say "HI", ok? I'd view that as a personal favor and appreciate it lots.

Added @ 9:10 pm Links fixed. Click away.


Kate said...

It says "page not found" :(

Ambulance Driver said...

"You've almost got the hang of this linky thing, Holly. Almost. ;)

Let us know when you get the link fixed.

jrshirley said...

Ack! One mentor and hero not found!

Holly said...

OK, the embedded link and the link in the Links section are both fixed. Navigate to y'alls' hearts' desires.

Walrilla said...

You bet! As a matter of fact, I went there on advice of Matt G. from Better and Better!

It sure is a small world, isn't it?


crazy baby lainy said...

He looks so good and loved his blog.

Do you think you might need another computer?

Jay G said...

I might be a little slow on the ol' uptake, here, but does this mean that you're Matt's momma?

Sure would explain a lot. :)

(That's meant as a compliment. To you both, that is).

Holly said...

I'm his Evil Step Mother, and he is known, affectionately, as my Snot Nosed Step Son.

skywriter said...

So Expert Witness is your hubby? I just found him through A.D. and loved his blog. After reading I thought, wow. . bet his wife is an incredible woman. Well that explains it.

We're all looking to more from both of you.