Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Poor Puppy

This is Tipper Sharpton about 4:30 pm yesterday afternoon.
I sprang for the extra $5 it cost for a pain shot after his
orchiectomy. Seemed like the least I could do for the "little" guy. Please notice how he's plopped down with his paws turned outward. This is just barely inside the Living Room. I couldn't get him to walk any further. I say "little" because Angel Baby Girl guess his weight Saturday at 80 lbs. When they weighed him Monday at the Spay and Neuter Clinic, so they'd know how much to charge me, he weighed 81 lbs.!!! I feel guilty because I've been feeding him as if he weighed 65 lbs. The Vet Tech suggested I keep under feeding him. She thought he was "chubby". Puhleeze! That boy is all muscle. He can drag Ben around on the carpet! And now I'm thinking Ben may weigh > the 110 lbs we've been givin' him credit for. I had been hoping he would top out at 75 - 80 lbs, so I guess I'm gonna have to readjust my hopes, huh?

About 9 pm Tipper woke up enough to look at me from under the edge of his E-collar. He had been ignoring both food and water until now, but right after this pic, I got him, finally, to drink some water and eat 2 cups of his Pedigree Puppy food. I have to take the collar off, of course, for that. This morning, Dearly Beloved had a Scathingly Brilliant Idea. He grabbed the old margarita bucket off the back porch, brought it inside, and filled it up. Tipper can drink out of it even when wearing his collar. Now, if we can just keep Ben from biting the collar, maybe we can actually keep Tipper wearing it for the required 5-7 days, for his stitches to heal. BTW, the angle on this pic makes his snout look much longer than it actually is.

Now, if the black dog on the right, who will be 7 months old on Saturday, weighs 80 lbs and is not as tall or as long as the Yellow dog on the left...how much does the Yellow dog weigh? We've been thinkin' he weighed about 110. Now I'm thinkin' he's closer to 120. What do y'all think? I'll try to get a shot of them together standing up when we're outside today.

For those of you who don't remember or who are new to the blog...Tipper Sharpton's Mama was a tan Boxer [who was larger than breed standards]. His Daddy was an English Pointer [who was also bigger than breed standards]. Now you may be thinkin', "Boxers don't come in BLACK." But you would be mistaken. I was lookin' through a book on boxers, because he actually looks more like a Boxer than a Pointer, except for that "Tail o' Destruction". IN the book, there were several pictures of black Boxers. Some of them has the same white swatch that Tipper had that runs from the underside of his chin, down his throat, and then all the way down his chest, stopping just at the top of his non-chubby belly.

Well, time for me to give his some children's Benadryl to quiet him down. HEY, they said to keep him calm, that calms his ass down, in about 20 minutes.


Ambulance Driver said...

Poor doggy. :(

However much you're feeding him, you should be able to see his last two ribs. If you can't, he's overweight.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Aaaaww, that's so sad. What a bummer for the puppy.

phlegmfatale said...

well, it had to be done, poor lad.

Having seen his magnificence up-close-and-personal, I'd say the big yaller dog is 120 if he's a pound.

crazy baby lainy said...

Poor Tipper. I'm sure he's pissed but what else can be done. Does he take after his mom? LOL

Ben looks about 110 to me, give or take.

Hope you're felling better.

HollyB said...

Thanks, AD. I figured you would be good for some wise advice on this subject. I had recently started giving him 2 cups of food in the evening for a total of 8 cups/day. I'll cut him back to 6 cups [3 morning and 3 afternoon] daily and as active as he is those ribs outgh to start showing pretty soon.
FHB and Lainy, except for the first night, when he was loopy from the drugs, and feeling some pain from the surgery...he hasn't really seemed to notice anything has changed. He's still his same active, stubborn, agitatin' self.
LaP, you're abso right! It had to be done. I'm hopin, in about 3 mo. when all the testosterone is out of his system, he'll stop trying to mount Boo AND Ben, quit nippin' at their coats and collars, and I can quit squirtin' him with the spray bottle. Altho...he is learning the "Hush" command. ANd, I'm gonna break down and take Ben to PetSmart and weigh him there.

Flo said...

I love that first pic, it's hilarious!

Want me to come down and take his stitches out? I took Allie's out and she's not too mad at me anymore. :)

g bro said...

So that's what happens when you get drunk and put the lampshade on your head! Ouch!

Tolewyn said...

I had to go look up orchiectomy, and I immediately wished I hadn't. As a typical man I immediately felt much sympathy for the poor guy.

Another reason you probably couldn't get him to go any further than where he dropped was that the cool tile probably felt really good.

jrshirley said...

Poor doggy. Yellow dog looks like a happy feller. I'd love to play with him. (Which one catches birds, again?)

phlegmfatale said...

Well, I'm glad that Operation Snip Tip was such a rousing success. We need a progress report, though.