Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Miss My Cap

I'm still limpin' around while I mourn the loss of my favorite cap. I realized after I posted last time about my knee that I didn't tell y'all about losing my FAVORITE cap.

I got that cap in 2004 on a trip to Terlingua. It was green, cotton, and had Terlingua and little crosses on it to depict the Terlingua Ghost Town. I wore it every time the top was down. I wore it all year round. Heck, I wore that cap BEFORE I had a convertible.

And it was sitting on the dashboard where it always sat. No different than any other time the top was down and it was dark. And then, WHOOSH! It's gone on an ill wind! And I miss my cap, Dahmmit!

My knee? Nothin's broken, but I already knew that. The Doc doesn't think I tore the ligament either. He wants me to keep takin' 800 mg of ibuprofen 3/day for swelling and 50 mg of Ultram up to 4/day as needed for pain [but so far I've only needed 3/day] and to come back and see him in 2 weeks. I'm not wrappin' it 'cause he said to do any good I'd have to use 4 6 inch bandages and wrap from ankle to groin. No Thanks. I'm just taking it easy for now and staying away from uneven ground and stairs.

Hey, at least it took my mind off my collarbone for a while. And BTW, I'm taking 600mg of Calcium + Vitamin D 2/day now to help those bones and joints.

Thank you to all of you for your well wishes. Pretty soon my luck will turn and I'll break this run of accidents.


Ambulance Driver said...

"Thank you to all of you for your well wishes. Pretty soon my luck will turn and I'll break this run of accidents."

Either that or JPG will have to hermetically seal you in bubble wrap. ;)

crazy baby lainy said...

Hope your luck changes soon.

Guess where I am????????? Flo's and I swear last night she put her head halfway into the 'Rita bucket. I laughed so hard I almost wet myself ;) She had to get every last drop!

Sending hugs. Sure wish you were here.

Kate said...

Oh, I hope you're better soon! Can I come take care of you instead of the patient I've got? I know for sure you'd be far more fun to be around!

phlegmfatale said...

Poor baby! Or maybe you could clad yourself in foam-rubber bumper thingies? I hope you're feeling better with each passing moment!

HollyB said...

Kate, sure, c'mon down! Bring your dawg(s), too I have a big yard and they can play with my dawgs. We'll just make a party of it. We'll get Flo and Crazy Baby to join us with the lure of the 'rita bucket I've got in the freezer and it'll be a free for all.
Shoot maybe LaP will join us and you can listen to her lungs, too.

Now, let me make one thing PERFECTLY clear: There will be no bubble wrap [I like poppin' it too much]; there will be no foam rubber bumper thingies, either.
Doc said he was gonna get me a "Michelin Man" suit to wear so I wouldn't hurt myself anymore and I told him to do something anatomically difficult, if not impossible.
Watch my next blog for what I think the REAL cause of these injuries is.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Goin' back to Terlingua in November. I can get you another hat. Just say the word.

Rabbit said...

I've got 2 really great knee docs if you're going to need one. I've even let one of them cut on me before.

Hope it feels better soon.