Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Links

I've been meanin' to post a couple of new links for a couple of days now...

The day I left on vacation, Shooter, one of my frequent commenters, left a comment that b/c I had been over at his "place" so often and left several comments he was gonna link me. The guy has some great stories. Go find the one about his dog. That's what originally took me over there. But have some tissues ready when you read it, if you're a dog lover. And if you're in Houston and need a Probate Atty, find a way to locate his Daddy. After readin' how he dealt with an uppity congress critter, you'll want to support this guy. You can find Shooter here: parallaxadjustment.blogspot.com

The other link is for a talented new Blogger. LawDog linked her, so if you're one of his readers, you may have already discovered this Colorado Gem. FarmGirl is a pureDEElight. Her very first tale, about Sidesaddle Heifer Riding, should carry a Class I or maybe even a Class II beverage warning. Visit her at: http://tractortracks.blogspot.com . All she needs now is a Site Meter.

Go give 'em a read. i don't think you'll be disappointed.