Thursday, June 07, 2007

My Busy, Busy Schedule

Well, tomorrow is the big day, Gentle Readers. I have to be there at 8 for a 9 a.m. surgery. That means I'm NPO after 1 a.m. [ when the ABG was about 11, she had to have surgery on one of her big toes b/c it was broken & dislocated! When the Nurse, my friend DossieRe told me she'd have to be NPO after midnight, ABG wanted to know what that meant. DossieRe leaned over and whispered conspiratorially, “It means 'No Panties On' “ And they both started giggling like maniacs.] So, while I'm listening to Babs, R.N. on BlogTalk Radio, I'll be having my last goodies. Is it just me, or does knowing you aren't ALLOWED to have anything to eat or drink make you really hungry and thirsty? I plan on indulging in some midnight cookies and milk. Chips Ahoy has some Peanut Butter cookies with Chunky Milk Chocolate, I LIKE 'em, a lot! No, AD and Phlegm, they're not as good as Reese's Cup Cookies, but then what commercially made cookies are?
My Birthday is Saturday. I'll finally be playin' with a full deck as I will be 52. When I called my Bubba Wednesday night to wish him a “Happy Birthday”, I told him just that. Typical Older Bro response, “Well, I don't know as I'd go THAT far... I think you may be missing a Joker.” Typical obsessive/compulsive Lil' Sis retort, “NO, there are 52 cards in a deck, w/o the Joker. I will have a FULL deck, at last!” He chuckled.
He doesn't read my blog, doesn't even have a computer at home. Heck, he doesn't even have a CELL phone for cryin' out loud! So I can tell y'all about his b'day card. Hey, y'all already know about my greeting card addiction. I'm a Founding Member of Hallmark Anonymous. If you were a savvy investor that's what you'd invest in... Hallmark Greeting Cards. My purchases alone will double your investment.
Anyway, I've recently started buyin' those “Singin' “ cards. I think those are the ult! The one I got for him sings “Bad to the Bone”. It's just classic. He hasn't gotten it, yet b/c I mailed it late, but he is gonna howl, I just know it.
I got a “Just b/c I think you're Great” card for one of my Sis-in-Loves. She is into Lucy in a big way. SO I got her a Lucy card doing the Vetavitavegamin spiel. I can't wait to hear from her after she gets it.
So anyway, I'll be driving down to Killeen on Saturday. The Doc said it would be cool, so I didn't see any reason to disrupt my vacation plans. Mom and I are gonna switch the stuff from my ragtop to her minivan and then slide on down to Canyon Lake for a few days of R & R. The way I see it, it'll be a lot easier down there with Mom, than up here at home to recover from my little surgery. Down there, while there is a phone in the condo, and I'll have my cell with me, I doubt it will ring very much. And there won't be a computer tempting me to use my hand to type. No dogs to feed, no laundry to do, no errands to run, no nothing to do that I don't want to do. Yeah, I can definitely get into that for several days.
The drawback for y'all is no new posts for the time I'm gone. Unless, the Resort has put in a computer lounge. I know at the last owners' meeting they was talk of some of the resorts adding computer lounges to the Clubhouses, but I don't remember if Canyon Lake was one of them. I get to take the big, bulky bandage off on Wednesday. If they have Computer access, I'll post from there, otherwise, you'll have to wait 'til Sunday the 17th.
I'll be home before that, but I have a wedding to go to on the 16th and I'll be busy gettin' all gussied up for an afternoon weddin' and then attendin' same to post on Saturday.
Y'all have fun while I'm gone.


phlegmfatale said...

Well, happy recovery, babe! I hope you have a lovely trip to the Canyon with yer ma. You take it easy!

Babs RN said...

Is it just me, or does knowing you aren't ALLOWED to have anything to eat or drink make you really hungry and thirsty?

Yep, just like putting on sterile gloves makes your nose itch. :)

Get well soon!