Sunday, April 29, 2007

Why Are We There?

For an answer to that question go over to the link [on the right, down a ways] I have posted for Dragon Watch. {earlier I had an actual link here, but AD said it wasn't working} I hope you will find it as well thought out and compelling a read as I did.


Ambulance Driver said...

Linky no worky, Holly. Blogger inserted your URL in there before DW's.

Yeah, it does that to me, too.

phlegmfatale said...

meh! didn't work for me either.

g bro said...

The link worked for me.

I struggle every day with the question of why we went there, because I knew, as has now been proven, that WMDs were not there. I also did not think we had any significant enemies within Iraq. Seems to me that Al Qaeda was mostly Saudis hiding in Afghanistan. On that point, I'm sure many of your readers can stack me neck deep with information about prewar terrorists in Iraq.

Now that we are mired there, we DO have enemies. Al Qaeda IS there (apparently). Our actions have been used to "prove" to Middle Easterners that the West is out to get them, and recruitment on their side is apparently very easy. To my thinking, we created a self-fulfilling prophecy. And the neighboring countries are much more obviously engaged against us than before.

We have put our soldiers at risk and do not seem to have a strategy for success. What I see are supporters of the soldiers saying don't pull out now. Is that because they think we can win? Because to withdraw would besmirch the honor of those who served and serve? Some people say that Harry Reid is "treasonous" for trying to get troops out. Why isn't it treason to leave troops there when we have no reasonable expectation of a positive outcome? What should we do instead? Does that plan have a chance to work?

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