Monday, April 02, 2007

No Winner, Try Again Wednesday

Well, the Lotto Jackpot is up to 72 million so neither Ambulance Driver, Lovi, nor I won on Saturday night.

I knew THEY weren't gonna win. But I thought I at least had a shot at it. I guess I used up my luck makin' it home in one healthy piece, tho.

I am glad y'all enjoyed my little travelogue. I know I enjoyed writing it. One thing occurred during all my driving with Mom that I didn't include. She has started channeling Nanny. Which is strange indeed when you consider that Nanny was her Mother-in-Law and not her Mother.

Nanny, in her later years, had a mildly irksome habit of reading billboards and roadside signs aloud when she was a passenger in a car. It used to drive Mom to distraction. She would gritch about it, loud and long, to anyone who would listen. We would nod and agree, yes, it was annoying. But, nanny was gettin' on in years. What are ya gonna do? Yell at her for being eccentric? And now that Mom is sitting in the passenger seat, she is doing to the driver what Nanny used to do that annoyed her.
Somehow, I just don't have the heart to point out to her that she is doing what used to annoy her own, younger, self so very much. So I hold my tongue and let her prattle on. And when I'm out of earshot I complain endlessly to all who will listen of this eccentricity that has popped up in my Mom. What am I gonna do? Yell at her for some harmless reading aloud? I swan [as Nanny would say] I'm finally glad my right ear has the more severe ringing...that way I miss more of her recitations.


DW said...

So, when will it be your turn? I'm seeing a trend here.

Billy Sparks said...

Funny isn't it? I am noticing my mother picking up more and more of the habits that her mother AND mother-in-law had that drove HER insane. Visits can sometimes feel VERY long.

HollyB said...

DW, if I ever start reading billboards aloud I sincerely hope my chirrens say, "Mom, I love you and I respect you, but if you don't stop reading EVERY billboard to me I'm gonna slap a piece of duct tape over your mouth. Now with your COPD that's gonna make it a little hard for you to breathe Mom. Your choice." You see by the time I'm in my mid 70's, if I keep smoking, I'll prob have COPD.
Billy, nice to have a new commenter. Sometimes the visits do seem a bit long, but I also see other fam and long time friends when I'm down there, I just don't always write about it. That helps give me a break from whatever irritates, and I'm pretty patient w/ older folks, especially the ones I love. I figure that will be me one day and I'm a strong believer in Karma. If I'm nice to them, then maybe my offspring won't set me adrift on an icefloe. Having a finely honed sence of irony helps, too.

Anonymous said...

"You see by the time I'm in my mid 70's, if I keep smoking, I'll prob have COPD."

dunno how old you are, but if yer looking to lead a happy life, why not quit smoking now before giving yourself a crippling disease?

might be a nice favor to your kids.


lainy said...

You hit the mail on the head. I know mine would be respectful and loving to me, then behind my back they would talk of how screwy I am and when will it hit them. LOL

My mom goes on and on about the same thought she has in her head . Over and over, even when you tell her
she said that a few times already, when it's really been 35 and counting. I'm as patient as can be because I can see myself headed in that direction as I get older. I already feel sorry for my kid's.



night lightning woman said...

My mother did this every time we went on a trip as long as I knew her. I just grew up with it, so it didn't bother me at all. No, I don't do it, at least not yet. But for me, it was just one of those "Family Traditions". At least she didn't chew and spit!

Matt G said...

Re lotteries: It's nice that we have a tax on folks who are bad at math.

But then, R.A.H.'s quote rears its head: "Of course the game is rigged. But don't let that stop you; if you don't bet, you can't win."