Saturday, March 03, 2007

This Morning's Horoscope

Today you may be uncharacteristically unaware of what's happening outside of your immediate circle of friends -- in fact, if the walls started falling down today, you might just keep chatting happily with your pals (luckily, there won't be any big crises like that to worry about). Together, you and your people are capable of creating a new reality for yourselves. Don't like your social life? Mix it up a bit -- explore a new club or a nearby town together.

Now, I don't REALLY believe in horoscopes. They are a source of amusement, not a guide for life. However, this one was eerily accurate. When I go to an event, like Irish Fest, I do lose touch with the outside world. I am just oblivious to what's outside the confines of the gates of the Festival. For the time I'm there, I am totally focused on the music, the food, the whole Celticness of the event.

Like my Daddy, I am a friendly person. He traveld quite a bit in the U.S and somewhat outside it's boundaries after his retirement. My Mom was a genius at finding travel "deals" and they thoroughly enjoyed cruising and going to new places in the 20 years between his retirement and his death in 2004.
He once walked up to a woman in an airport, I forget which one, and said, "You look just like Connie Chung." The woman smiled and replied, "That would be because I AM Connie Chung." Daddy chuckled , not at all embarrassed and said, "Well, I'm Derwood B. and my wife Dottie and I watch you every night on the news. We rreally enjoy your broadcasts." Ms.Chung extended her hand and responded, "Thank you, Derwood. It's always a pleasure to meet another fan. I wish I could talk longer, but I have to catch a flight. It was nice to meet you though." And after shaking hands she left. Daddy was just as pleased as punch, and told that story for years. I believe, wherever he is now, he LOVED her farewell show, singing and vamping on the piano!

I tend to strike up conversations with strangers when standing in line. It tends to make the time pass faster that way and it's FUN. Given that a large percentage of my fellow attendees will most likely have imbibed at least one or more Harps, Guinesses, or Black 'n Tans, I imagine that I won't have much of a problem finding someone to converse with other than the Dearly Beloved. Besides, he HATES standing in line. When I offer to stand in line for us, he will prob take me up on my kind offer, and go snag some seats, or go off to look at something else while I am thus occupied. It won't be like I am ignoring him to converse with strangers.

So, now do you understand why the horoscope was accurate?


DW said...

We must have been seperated at birth, you sound so much like me it's scary. Or maybe we're both Irish.

HollyB said...

Well, Irish and Scots-Irish, anyway. McBride, Bishop, Carlisle, Murphy,Patton are some names from my family tree. There's also a Frenchman in the woodpile, don't ask me how THAT happened, it's the shame I've tried to live down.

phlegmfatale said...

Yes, that horoscope makes total sense. I'm with you - I wouldn't read one before setting foot outside the house daily, but they can be amazingly spot-on sometimes. I'm the same way about striking up conversations with strangers. I think it's a good way to be. You're such a cool chick!