Friday, March 30, 2007

Pushin' my Luck

or Strikin' While my Luck is Hot? What to do, what to do?
After spending 4.5 hours tonight to drive 190 miles, I am wondering whether or not I should take a chance and play the Lotto tomorrow night. On the one hand the pot is $69 Million and I had the good fortune to make it home alive an unharmed after driving through some of the worst weather this side of Tornado Alley. I am not kiddin' y'all. I was doin' 35mph at times on I-35 so as not to overdrive my "Field of Visibility". So were the other sensible drivers ahead of and behind me. The truly cautious ones among us also had our flashers goin' so the dumbshits goin' 60 mph would be able to see us and avoid climbing into our back seats.
It wasn't like that the entire way home. But it was enough of the way that I even got off the highway at one point because I simply couldn't see. That was around Waco. About 15 minutes after the tornado had touched down at Mother Neff State Park 15 miles west of I-35 and 15 minutes before I was driving right by the Exit for MNSP. how was Y'all's afternoon and evening?
Oh, before I forget, I want to wish a very special "Happy Trails" to the Rock Hauler who got on my bumper around mile marker 72, turned on his bright lights in an effort to...what? Blind me? make me go even slower? slam on my brakes and go slewing off the highway? Sorry to disappoint, Buckaroo. I was driving 40 because @ 45 I was hydroplaning either into the left lane or onto the right shoulder, as were the 3 or 4 cars in front of me. I wasn't the ONLY slow mover on the road! And thanks for that extra special treat of pulling alongside me for an extended period of time so that I now know what it feels like to DRIVE through a car wash rather than just watching my car roll on by. I sincerely hope that your Karma catches you before you are run over by your dogma.
So you're probably asking, "Why didn't you just pull off the highway, again, or under an overpass?" Well, even with the standing water and the water being thrown by the other traffic, the highway was still the "High" way. The access roads were flooded. And I didn't fancy getting rear-ended on the side of the road, Thank you, but No, thank you.
So, I think I will just go ahead and take a chance that my luck will hold one more day. I'm gonna take a shot at that $69 million.


Ambulance Driver said...

Too late, Holly. I already bought my ticket. ;)

Lovi said...

I'm sorry your trip home was so stressful - but I'm glad you're back - and you're ok! I'll be happy to send you the winning lotto numbers - tha's jusst the kind of friend I am! :)

jrshirley said...

Sounds like hell. I hate driving in bad rain and wind. Really glad you made it back. Let me know if you need a bodyguard after you win the Lotto. I also make a very presentable greeter, take good notes, and can manage your social calendar.

G Bro said...

So I take it that you didn't drive topless?

Glad you're safe - G

Flo said...

Ok, since y'all have already bought the winning tickets, I'll save my money, but I expect you to share.

Glad you're back safe and sound. Can't wait to hear about the trip.

HollyB said...

Flo, pay NO attention to that man behind the curtain! Unless he crossed the border and became a ________ River wetback, he doesn't have the winning Lotto ticket. It's still up for grabs.
Mr.Shirley, thank you for that kind offer. I have no doubt whatsoever that you would make an excellent bodyguard. We have a couple of Universities here in town with gradual schools, for you and the soon to be Missus. Ya' gotta like dawgs, tho. Can you handle that part of the job?
Lovi, thanks for the offer, but I've been playing the same combo of #s now for a long time, eventually they'll hit.
G, NO, I didn't have the top down :P. Mama may have raised me fat, but she didn't rais me STOOPID.
Ever'body else, I'll be working on my Hill Country traveloge today and hope to have it up by tomorrow.

Ambulance Driver said...

Got some snark for ya over on my blog, Holly. But rest assured, I'm no smoke Nazi. Smoke all you want, won't bother me.

I'll even give you breathing treatments all through your emphysema years. ;)

jrshirley said...

I LOVE dogs. I'm not much for cats, though.

phlegmfatale said...

Holy crap! That must have been so stressful and exhausting. I'm glad you made it home in one piece!

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