Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday Morning Thoughts

For all my talk of driving topless, and make no mistake...I do LOVE driving with the top down and the wind in my hair, I adore the rain. I truly do. I like taking a deep breath just before it rains, taking in that anticipatory smell of blessed rain. In my part of Texas, that's what Rain is most of the time - a Blessing. I am 51, and we are in the middle of a 50-year drought. Except for the 11 years I lived in Houston, I have lived in parts of Texas that appreciate Rain. Be it a long, gentle, soaking rain that carresses the earth or a frog-strangling thunderboomer that scares the dogs under the bed with it's sound and furious light show.
When I went to bed last night, the weather shaman was predicting thunderstorms and the possibility of tornados overnight. Thanks, Dave. Pleasant Dreams, to you, too. When the dogs woke me at 6:30 this morning, there was a light drizzle accompanied by distant thunder in the western sky. Followed shortly thereafter by a nice soaking rain. It's still dripping off the trees. I have the window and the door open so I can hear it while I write. It's one of the most glorious sounds, to me.

Despite my admissions of sloth and liking to "sleep in"; I actually don't mind getting up early, once I'm actually up. I just looked at the computer clock and it reads 7:57. Normally I wouldn't even be awake, yet. But here I am and I've already accomplished so much: the dogs are out, again; they've been fed, really well, since I cleaned out the 'fridge; the dishwasher is running; AND I've done two sinks full of dishes by hand, just so I can get the kitchen clean; there's another sinkful soaking; the garbage is bagged up and ready to go in the outside bin.
Other chores to be accomplished before Noon: clean off the tables in the Living Room; make out a grocery list;go to the; fold the two loads of laundry I did y'day; start cleaning the Dearly Beloved's favorite room.
Why is it I am able to get so much done when he's NOT here? He's gone off huntin', BTW. It is wonderful to have some solitude for a change. Just the dawgs and me. I have total control of ALL electronic media, BWAHAHAHAHA!

And why do the men I know, with the exception of my Big Bro, NEVER clean out the 'fridge? And the only reason he does it is b/c he's the "KING" of the kitchen. He does all the meal planning, shopping and cooking. But then he WAS married to a yankee-girl. Big scandal in the fam, doncha know.

Oh, for those of y'all who read the comments section...and especially to AmbulanceDriver... I got Boo an "Easy Rider" harness. Went to PetSmart and got it this week, brought it home, adjusted the straps to her size and we went for a ride. She was a little skittish about me putting this new contraption on her, but once I said the word "go", she started her happy dance and went straight to the car. The seat belt, of the front passenger seat, of course, went through the designated loop, and we were off! Nary a problem...until she tried to turn around and bark at a Pit Bull being walked by a passerby. Then she got tangled in the seat belt. That was a bit disconcerting for both of us. BUt at the next stop light I got it untangled and all was well. There's a learning curve for everything. The Dearly Beloved and I looked at the harnesses on the site you gave in your comment and liked what we saw, but thought they were just a bit pricey. The harness at PetSmart was $18 and change once tax was added in. Unfortunately, the straps on the Easy Rider and the ones on the web site don't seem substantial enough for a dog of Ben's size and strength. He's a big {106#} and very muscualr baby. We're going to take Boo's harness to the Parachute maker so he will have a pattern and have him make Ben's with larger web straps. The Pick-up bed tie-down stap part we will make ourselves with webbing, steel D-rings and a steel carabiner clip rated for Ben's strength. When I was training Boo and Princess Bomb, my old Rottie to ride in the bed of my Ranger I used a similar system of such a strap and bungees thru their collars. I had to after the night Bomb pushed Boo out of the truck. I'll have to blog about that some time.

Well, I hear dishes calling my name.


Flo said...

Gully washers here yesterday, followed by snow this AM. The lake is finally back up to the full level and I'm sick of mud, so it can stop anytime, thank you very much.

lainy said...

We've had rain and wind along with thunderboomers and fireworks that lit up the sky. I love it. Good time to have a drink and enjoy it.
I have a pile of dishes calling my name also, but they'll have to wait awhile. They aren't going anywhere.