Monday, February 26, 2007

How Much of West TX is in YOUR

living room? I swan, as Nanny used to say, I thought Dorothy and Toto were gonna be ringin' my doorbell Saturday evening the wind was so fierce! The sky steadily turned from blue to a darker and darker yellow and then began to take on the color of dirty, greasy dish-water. It was just freaky.
How bad was it, really? It was so loud, I didn't realize the small, dead pear tree in the front yard had been blown into the front of the house until I opened the front door to call the dogs in and saw it leaning against the edge of the roof.
Since some of the branches were tangled in wires I thought, "This is NOT good." I fetched the dull lopper and proceeded to lop off as many of the branches that were in the wires as I could. Then, I pushed it off the edge of the roof and onto the ground. "Whew," I thought, "now that's better." And that's when it hit me: I shoulda worked "smarter, not harder," as a certain LawDog's boss was fond of tellin' him.
I SHOULD have attached a lead around the tree, then attached the other end around BEN, just behind his shoulders. My next action would have been to hold a treat in front of Ben's nose and back slowly away from him until he had pulled the tree down. The wind had already uprooted it, so it would have been a LOT easier for HIM to do the heavy work than for my bad back and inferior upper body strength to push it down. [Holly smacks self soundly on the forehead] Maybe I'll have an equally brilliant idea the NEXT time there is a freakish strong wind/dust storm that blows down a tree in the front yard and the Dearly Beloved is off on a hunting trip.


lainy said...

Today is the first time I've seen ads on your blog. I'll click away.

Next time think before you act! It would have saved your back from all that hard work.

Flo said...

No, next time, call Flo. Cuz I TOLD you to do that, you stubborn Goddess.

Do we have to wait until the page finishes loading for the click to count? Go check, I clicked twice.

phlegmfatale said...

That freakish wind-storm started lifting the edge of the roof of the only building on my property that is a modern building. Not good. I was joking afterward about throwing a bunch of old tires up there.