Friday, February 09, 2007

Are Y'all as Hacked Off as I Am

about Mars {which is owned by Masterfoods} pulling that great Snickers commercial due to protests by the gay community. Seems they got their collective Vickies in a twist because of fears the commercial reinforced "homophobic attitudes". Pshaw.
IMHO, I don't think they give homophobes enough credit. Attitudes like that cannot be formed or reinforced merely by watching two rednecks accidently touch lips while working under the hood of a car and sharing a scrumptious candy bar! And any homophobe worth his steel toed boots and lifetime Hustler subscription KNOWS you cannot cancel out a grievous sin like THAT merely by ripping out chest hair! I went to school with folks like this, and I think gbro will back me up on that point. I know guys like that, I know how they think. To true homophobes, nothing short of going out and getting drunk, tryin' to getting laid and then rolling a queer will purge your Immortal soul of the transgression of touching another man's lips. 'sTruth.

Now, what are the rest of us, the SANE people, going to do about the Politically Correct Mobs? Well, I propose that everytime a company or a performer or a politician offends a group by saying or doing something "politically incorrect" and is sanctioned by the p.c. brigades that those of us who disagree with this craziness raise OUR voices. Now, this will require some effort, you may actually have to use a search engine to find the contact info for whoever has made a faux pas this week. And then sit down and take 5 minutes of your precious time to write them an email. Or, gawds forbid, 10 minutes and 39 cents to send them a snail mail! But, if you are as tired as I am of seeing Public Figures kowtow to the p.c. mobs, it's worth the effort. My first letter will be to Mars.


Gay_Cynic said...


The response over at LoneStarActivists (a yahoogroup I follow)has been distinctly mixed - about half gasping at the "badness of it all" and the other suggesting that growing a sense of humor might be a fine notion.

For myself, I think the piece was tasteless and in poor form - but, guess's TELEVISION.

Would be *nice* if they had a bit more class, but that's apparently expecting a bit much...

Suppose the reason I didn't find it amusing was I've actually had friends bashed (shrug)

Ambulance Driver said...

Never understood this mentality either.

I mean, if a gay man notices a nice set of boobs on a woman, does he immediately go home and bake a quiche to re-affirm his gayness?

Is there such a thing as heterophobia? How does hetero bashing work? Do gay men get lit up on wine spritzers and seek out a redneck to make over?

The blatant stereotypes are used merely to make my point, by the way - not because I believe them.

And another thing I've never agreed with is the idea of hate crime legislation. Murder is murder. Rape is rape. Assault is assault. For those crimes to carry a higher penalty just because they were motivated by race, creed or sexual orientation, just diminishes the victim. Call the perpetrators what they are - scum. Calling it a hate crime is to insinuate that the victim did something to be hated FOR, and that the perpetrator wouldn't have committed the crime otherwise. A thug is a thug. Race or sexual orientation was their excuse, not their motivation.

Rabbit said...

Don't blame me, I voted for Kinky.


G Bro said...


I actually never knew anyone who did that or claimed to. I suffered through my father's racism, Dave's dad's general twistedness, and the occasional redneck encounter. Other than that, I sheltered myself the best that I could. That half a summer in 1970 with Johnny, Craig and what's-his-name (who weren't bad guys as far as I know) was probably my most prolonged exposure.

Having said that, I have no doubt that what you say is true. I just never met those guys or they never told me.


phlegmfatale said...

RE: Pulling the ad - The ad was silly and incredibly corny. It was something of a re-hash of that scene in Planes, Trains and Automobiles in which Steve Martin wakes up and says something about his hand being between two pillows and John Candy says "those aren't pillows" and they have a big gross-out. If anything, the commercial lampooning idiotic homophobes whose hostility toward gays belie their latent desires - I'm sick of everything being a cultural crisis in which people have to freak out because things weren't put in the proper terms.