Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year's Eve

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I posted New Year's greetings yesterday. So why am I just now doing a post about NYE? Because I CAN! And I've been sickly. Give me a hard time, and I'll give you graphic descriptions of HOW I've been sickly. I made Flo cringe and she used to be an ER nurse.

NYE was a BLAST! I made Chicken Spaghetti with asparagus spears and fresh yeast rolls. BUT, since I knew some of my guests like a little extra "kick" to their food, I made two batches of the CS. One batch had cayenne papper on top and the other had the usual chili powder on top.

On the anniversary side of things...I gave the Dearly Beloved an After Shave Lotion I had made up at Bath Junkie just for HIM! I had gotten him a "Texan" candle from Tyler Candles for Christmas. I took another one to Bath Junkie and had them make a lotion like that scent only MORE masculine. He smells SOOOOOO good. Did you know that if you take a whiff of coffee beans it clears your scent receptors? 'struth. While the smell guruess was mixin the potion for my DB, she would sniff the beans and have me sniff them to clear my nose between mixes.

OK, back to NYE. After dinner, Flo and I played mad chemist w/ the blender, mangos and the rum bottle. We now have the formula for Frozen Mango Daquiris. No, I will NOT divulge, but I could be persuaded to make y'all one.
After the daquiris, it was time to pop the cork on the Champagne bottles and sing "Auld Lang Syne". We sang with vigor if not much skill.
The next morning...many tears were shed as our friends packed their belongings and headed for home.
Ben still misses Ellie. But...
A good time was had by all.


Rabbit said...

Sounds like a splendid time, all except the part about hurling.

Probably a combination of chicken spaghetti and convertible riding in December :D

Happy New Year to you and yours.


Lovi said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening was had by all. I hope you're feeling better!

HollyB said...

Thanks Lovi and Rabbit for the feel betters. I'm calling the doc today. The lazy bastage took y'day off!
But Rabbit, I'm not hurling. It's a URI. The Alien invaders are producing prodigious amounts of disgusting stuff in unbelievable color combos! And it's trying to move to my chest... Phil better see me today or I'll sneeze on him!

cait said...

Perhaps you're getting the cruds out of the way early? Maybe Phil will give you a magic shot - you know the one where you don't need to know what all's in it only that it contains MAGIC that kills alien invaders on contact? Sending cyber chicken soup and hugs.

Rabbit said...


Time for amoxicillin. Or chicken soup- same difference, except bacteria can't become resistant to chicken soup.

Grab some Mucinex while you're filling those 'scripts. Might make you feel better in the short term.


Flo said...

Can we stop with the descriptions that are creating mental pics that cause nightmares, please?!?!?!?!

And let me tell you, Ben left his "mark" so Ellie wouldn't forget him. She has to make a pit stop by the tire for a little sniff every time she goes outside!

HollyB said...

You mean Harley hasn't covered up Ben's "gift" with his own scent? Just another service we here at Chez Holly offer our guests!

And Rabbit, the squishy plate, harumph, I sneer at the squishy plate! The tech told me next year they will be in their NEW location which will include heated, padded, squishy plates! Anything to make the squeamish more likely to come in for screenings, I guess. I'd get mine regardless of how uncomfortable they were.
But honestly, they aren't bad for me. Thanks for the sympathy anyhoo, tho. You are a considerate gentleman.
Hey, saw a Pontiac Soltice the other day. Sharp looking Ragtop. You could do a lot worse.

phlegmfatale said...

I LOVE that scent from Tyler Candle company. I think they may have changed Texan to "Rough n' Rugged" , or vice versa. In any case, I love it. I'll bet DB DOES smell good. nice.