Friday, November 10, 2006

Y'all Are Sooo Lucky

I'm avoiding cleaning out the bottom of my closet. I'm stuck at a point I can't seem to get past, just at this moment on my novel, but that just means when I get past it. I'll sit down and write about 10K all in one session. Assuming the Dearly Beloved doesn't jerk me away from the keyboard so he can have some 'puter time, that is.

What I really need is one of those gizmos that transcribes spoken words into text on your screen. Do they make a program that understands a mix of Texan and Southern patois? Let's hear from the computer savvy among you.

Anyhoo, I'm manic enough to write, but not on my novel. Don't wnat to clean. SO y'all are lucky enough to get 3 blogs today. Enjoy it while it lasts, cause it won't last long.

AS I have mentioned in the past I have Sistahs of my Heart. Four of us are planning a reunion in June 2008. I sent an e-mail last night to the other three issuing a "food challenge". For some unknown reason I want to try "Calf Fries". I've also heard them referred to as Mountain Oysters and Rocky Mtn. Oysters. Don't ask me why I suddenly have this urge. I just said it was an UNKNOWN reason. Since there is courage, as well as safety, in numbers, I dared my Sistahs to try them with me.
Now, my Mamma may raise 'em fat, but she don't raise 'em foolish. Before throwin' down this gauntlet, I asked the Dearly Beloved if he'd ever had them.
He allowed as to how he had. I asked how they were. He said they were a light meat, not as light as chicken or rabbit, {no comparison intended,Rabbit} and somewhat grainy. I took this to mean they were comparable to calves' liver or chicken livers. He elaborated further in his description by saying they are like a lot of foods in that when breaded and deep fried, they tend to take on the flavor of the breading and it's seasonings. So I figure I'm good to go. I can stand a bite of ANYTHING if it's deep fried and then smotherd in either gravy or ketchup. {tangential thinking here, did y'all know the American sign language sign for ketchup is two fingers across the upper lip, for cat, then one of those finges pointing up , so it's cat + up = catsup}
Today, the Baby Sistah sent me an email. She LOVES Calf Fries. She's gonna go eat them tonight, as a matter of fact. Don't know what her hubby will have, but I know what she's gonna order. So now it's up to the other two. They can be Wankers, or they can be REAL women. One has already, during a phone conversation, threation to commit what she thinks is a gross act upon my person. I told her to go ahead, it's been done before. Just don't do it in my new car! People doing "that" in my car will be shot and left in a ditch!

And in other news...
Come Jan 1 we'll have a new District Attorney. When our out-going DA took office, he gave this new fellow notice that he wouldn't have a job in 11 days! That's really mean spirited. But that's the way the old guy was. I voted against him every time he was on the ballot.
Wednesday, the day after he was officially elected, he took 25 letters up to the office he will occupy on 1-1-2007. These were notification letters for folks whose services he won't be needing once he takes office. Some of these people were disgruntled that he didn't take the time to tell them personally of his decision. He told the reporter he didn't think it would have been any easier for them to have heard the news in person.
IMHO, he's handled this situation with a lot more class than his predecessor. In this County, for the past 20 years or so, whoever wins the Republican primary wins the general election. The Democratic party, on the County level, has been so demoralized, they usually don't even run a candidate in most races.
So when the New DA won the primary, he could have started notifying folks then, but that would have been in VERY bad taste, and bad form. No, he did the correct thing waiting until he had won the general election. Now, these people, if they had a lick of common sense, should have seen the writing on the wall. They've been in OLD DA's hip pocket for the last 12- 16 years. They are his people, they probably worked on his campaign, and they should have seen this comin'. If they didn't, they don't have the political sense they outta have working for an elected official.

I had foolishly asked the Dearly Beloved, "How on earth is he gonna fill all those jobs between now and January 1?" He answered, "Well, they'll just have to slow down prosecutions if he doesn't fill all the slots."

Then my brain caught up with my mouth and I figured out that Mr.New DA's probably been puttin out feelers since last March or April, if not before, to attorneys he has in mind for most of the openings that will be available by Jan 1.
Problem solved. We'll see if I'm right.

And on yet another tangent...
On October 26, I wrote a blog about a letter I had written to a school principal in Austin. It's been a couple of weeks now. The student criminal has been apprehended. He's back in jail, where he belongs. But I still haven't gotten a reply to my email. Wonder if I ever will.

And that's all. My inspiration has finally run out.

Y'all have a nice weekend!


Cait said...

For some reason beyond my ken, the filters on my computer at my j-o-b won't allow me to respond to verizon email but allows me free access to blogging. Go figure.

Yes, I've eaten Rocky Mtn Oysters, aka: Calf-fries. Yummy! They reminded me of very tender chicken fried steak - in fact, that's what I thought I was eating - little chick fried nugget bites. Ate them a long time ago, with old friends Molly & Hal,at their place in Rocky Ford, CO. Thanks for reviving dusty memories of some great trips up that way.

Rabbit said...

No offense taken.
As I know a few things about anatomy, physiology, and microbiology, I decline to eat such things as liver (of any critter) and rabbit meat. Tularemia is still endemic here as well as the swamps of East Texas.

Squirrel and possum are another story.


G Bro said...

You're all better men than I am, Gunga Din.

Flo said...

You know, some cowboy must have really pissed off his wife. Who else would have ever THOUGHT to fry up some testicles???