Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Special Request

If you'll check the first comment on my last blog, you'll see that Diamond Mair requests the recipe for Sweet Potatoes with Orange Juice and Jalapeno glaze. Since I AM a benevolent Goddess, I will give her, and y'all the recipe.

Use one sweet potato for every two servings you want to make. Boil them without piercing the skins for about 1/2 an hour. Give them a cool water bath until they're cool enough to touch. Peel and quarter. Place the pieces in a greased, or "Pamed" baking dish.

The glaze is a little harder. I don't measure ingredients. I generally use about 3C of Orange Juice, added to a stick of melted butter and 8T of brown sugar Splenda. Heat that over a low fire, stirring often. Once it's hot add in chopped up jalapenos, with the seeds removed. Heat, stirring constantly a few more minutes. Then taste for sweetness, spicyness, and piquancy. Add OJ, brown sugar or more japs as needed.
Remove from heat and pour over the sweet potatoes. Cover with foil. Bake in 350 {what other heat is there?} oven with whatever else you're fixin'. It will need about another 30 minutes cooking time, uncover for the last 10 - 15 minutes if you like.

Pretty easy. I think I got this recipe from Southern Living, but frankly it's been so long ago I honestly don't remember. I do however remember taking it to my SNSS's home for Thanksgiving one year. He, along with everyone else at the table, turned up their noses at it. Then the other sweet potatoes ran out. SNSS was brave and gave these little gems a try. He nudged his wife and urged her to try them. Then she liked them and they made a trip around the table. Suddenly my pan of Jalapeno Sweet Potatoes were GONE!
Guess they weren't so bad after all, huh?


Anonymous said...

Holly, Thanks for sharing the recipe. It sounds great. You know my family loves the spicy stuff. Dian

Anonymous said...

I've added that to the other recipes I have copied from your blog. Thank you!

DiamondMair said...

Many thanks, your Beneficence!!
Semper Fi'