Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My Election Scores

I went over to LawDog's blog and was reading the comments on from y'day and today. Just checking out what his readers had to say about the elections.
One guy said his state did ok, but the rest of the country "screwed the pooch". Speak for yourself, Bub!
I don't know what State you're in, b/c I didn't take the time to match your comment time with the site meter and see if I could get a match on the location page. Mainly because I don't really care! What hubris! I am proud of bein' a Texan, I doubt there's anybody prouder. And I have made joshin' comment her about folks not fortunate enough to live in Texas, but that's what they are, Joshin'. A little of the ole wink,wink, nudge,nudge.
You, however, crossed the line. You just insulted the other 49 states. I take great exception to that, even if you are a fellow Texan.

Now, back to my regularly schedualed blog:

Back when I did the blog on Early voting, I said I felt like I'd taken a really important test and like I did when I was waiting for my GRE scores. Well, except for the Gov's race and one local option on selling mixed drinks, I did OK. Not a perfect score, but who's perfect except for the MPD Saint?
The Breck Girl, aka Kay Hutchinson, who adopted a baby when she was damn near 60, is still our Senator. Michael Burgess, whom I knew when he was still a resident at Parkland and moonlighting up here as an ER doc, is going back to Congress as our Rep. I'm pleased about THAT, at least. He's a good guy and will keep our interests protected.
Susan Combs, the woman I wrote about over the weekend, the one with the same PR ad as Carol Keeton Strayhorn,aka One Tough Grandma, is our new Comptroller. Let's all hope she lives up to her campaign promises!

On the local front, the Baptists and the Church of Christ must have been runnin' shuttle busses to the polls for a local option on mixed drinks to get defeated AGAIN, in a town with enrollment at an all time high at both Universities. They've been trying to pass this for 20+ years and I really thought it was gonna make it this time. But the teetotallers are gonna keep us pulling out our Unicards for a while longer. It's not gonna keep anyone from drinking mind you, it's just a hassle and makes us look like a city of rubes.

So, I don't know about the other states, but there was most definitely NO Canine fornication goin' on in this part of Texas.


G Bro said...

My election scores are good, too! The woman who runs the Houston Area Women's Center beat Martha Wong for my state rep. The ininerant Democrat Nick Lampson took over for Tom Delay. And - ding, dong, the witch is dead! - Rummy is out as defense secretary.

In a weird twist of logic, Lieberman loses the Democratic primary, runs as an independent, beats the Democrat, and announces that he will caucus as a Democrat.

Oh, and somewhere in this great country, a democrat lost a county commissionership to a dead woman.

Flo said...

That's nothing, G bro. A few years back, a dead man was elected as our senator.

With that being said, I wish I could be as proud of my state, Holly.