Monday, November 13, 2006

How I Threw My Back Out

I opened the back door, and then I just heaved it... no, really I spent all weekend, except for the time I was blogging, cleaning out the bottom of my closet.

I'm serious y'all. It took the entire weekend to get it done.
Last weekend I went through the clothes and gave away a BUNCH of clothes. Some I didn't like anymore. Some I got rid of b/c they were too big. See, I've lost 40 lbs since June. I also found two pairs of jeans in the back of the closet that I had forgotten I owned. They are a size smaller than what I had been wearing. If you factor in the fact that one pair is Levis, then that pair is two sizes smaller. They run smaller than other brands. I remember a time I tried to put that pair on. I couldn't even pull them up all the way, so getting them on and getting them zipped, without laying down, thank you very much, is quite an achievement!

Anywho, the clothes that are left in my closet are now able to swing freely because there's no long piles and piles of "stuff" in the bottom of the closet stacked 4' high.

And the things I found! Oh my! I found three trays I can use next month at our Christmas "graze" that we have in lieu of dinner. I found four Christmas presents I bought Goddess only knows when and stuck in the back of the closet and then couldn't find. I found a piece of needlework my Nana did probably 40 years ago. Now I have to mount and frame it. I found a GREAT table runner. I found three kits for making Christmas ornaments that I had forgotten I'd bought last year, or was it year before last? I found a valance that matches my living room curtains, but I decided if I still haven't hung it after 2.75 years, I'm never going to, so it went in the "rag bag". I organized my craft box and put my summer hats in bags on the top shelf of the closet so they won't get dusty while I don't wear them. I really need to get some hat boxes.
In the process of all this organizing, sifting and rearranging, I did not use proper "body mechanics" as the physical therapists say. So my back has been screaming at me all day. Ice, rest, and ibuprofen let me sit and write this in short bursts, but don't count on anything tomorrow. At least I have a clean, neat closet.


Flo said...

You are doing wonderful with your weight--congrats!

I like that kind of cleaning, almost like Christmas. I can't wait for the house to be done, I'm sure getting to the stuff stored in the shed will be the same.

I really hated the numb feeling in my leg after I hurt my back and told myself I was going to be good about body mechanics and all that so I didn't feel like that again. If your back isn't hurting, though, it's easy to forget.

Meg Nakagawa said...

Hat box! Oh, you live so elegantly down south, Holly. (Well, figuratively, because now I'm further down south, but this is called downUNDER!) The first time I reached for a magazine (a thin one) and I just froze there; the second time, three weeks later, I opened the fridge and that was it - I wasn't even reaching for something naughty. Take care of yourself. You have all the craft things you discovered!