Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I Know

why there are so many STOOPID people runnin around out there!!!

I was doin' my mornin' blog troll and it suddenly hit me. Like the Space Station toilet seat hit poor George from Dead Like Me. Folks like LawDog, GBro, PhlegmFatale, PeggySioux, Marko, Dearly Beloved, XY Offspring, Col.Jim, Prof.Jane, PreacherMan, Art, and just a plethora of folks I am blessed to have in my circle of fam and friends are why there are so many stoopid people among the rest of us. They {the aforementioned 'smart' folks} are witty, intelligent, THINKING, and erudite. They are educated by instituions and life.

But all that doesn't explain the stoopid people, does it? My theory does. I think all these smart, witty folks took just a few extra brain cells when they dived into the deep end of the gene pool. This action left less gray matter to be divided amongst the rest of the population. And then, since the stoopid people didn't have deep thoughts to think, or math problems to solve, or sentences to diagram, much less puns to create, they sought simpler pleasures, like breeding. Every successive generation received a weaker set of brain cells than their "donors", sort of a reverse evolutionary process.

Can I get an "AMEN"?


Matt G said...


Speaking of stoopid people...

I have your keys.

G Bro said...

Stupid is as stupid does, momma always used to say. Would you like another chocolate?