Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Girl Named BOO

I wrote Ben his own Blog so it's time for the sweet and precious Boo girl to have her own blog.
Her name is Boo because she was born on Hallowenn and because she has "spooky" eyes. Her left one is ice blue and her right one is yellow green. She gets called by her given name about half the time. The rest of the time it's Boozer, or BooBear {did you know "Bear" is the #1 name for dogs?} or BoozieFloozie or Coyote Girl or Coyote Dog or Coyote Skulker if the Dearly Beloved is trying to get a reaction from me. If you want to see her pic go over to Myspace and lookup holly76209 at one of the usual email addresses and you'll find my page and her pic is there.
She LOVES ridin' in my new convertible. She liked ridin' in the truck, too. Especially when I turned on the a/c and turned a vent directly towards her face. She is most definitely a spoiled girl. And I blame her "DaddyJim" for that!

Boo is a very intelligent baby girl. Her vocabulary is amazing. She not only knows the word "go" she can spell it. I can't tell the Dearly beloved "I'm gonna go to the store" anymore. Oh No, she starts doing her happy dance and barking that whiskey bark of hers. She thinks she's going for a ride with Sweet Mama. And I can't say, "I'm gonna g-o over to Mother's". Nope, I have started having to say something along the lines of, "I have to away now, to Kroger, and here and there and ther other place." And still if I pick up my keys and pursem those cute ears perk up and she runs me over heading to the back door.
She also knows sit, come, good, bad, eat, supper, treat, bed, potty, Bubba, Daddy, water,easy,gentle, Mama, Gammy, car, home,up, down.

She also has beautiful manners. When I go to Sonic with her, she gets a cup of ice water. I hold the cup and she daintily drinks her water. Sometimes she drinks too much and gets brain freeze. Have you ever seen a dog with brain freeze? They do that thing with rubbing their tongue on the roof of their mouths, like when they have peanut butter in their mouths. And while they are doing that they are slinging their heads from side to side. It's funny as all get out, truly it is. Mostly it happens on really hot days when you've kept them out too long in the heat w/o water, which is bad, but it is funny to watch. And I never do it deliberately, HONEST.
She eats off of a fork or spoon with equal ease. And if you're someone who eats at our house, don't get your vickies in a twist! Our dishes all get washed in the dishwasher and the water is hot enough to sterilize stuff and the heat dry can melt plastic, you're not gonna catch dog cooties! Chill.
She also will take food off our lower lips. That's really her preferred method of taking treats. It harkens back to her lupine heritage. That whole pack mentality. And it reinforces who the Alpha male and Bitch are as well. As if there was any doubt!!!
Also, on a closing note, did you know that people with dogs live longer than people without dogs?


Flo said...

Precious puppy dogs, both of them! Like I said, Ben would be safe with me cuz that plant wouldn't last the 8-10 hour drive home with me. Now whether that's cuz I have a black thumb or cuz I scared it to death with my mach speeds and g-forces.....

And of course we live longer than people without canine roommates. They make us laugh and they'll never lie about why they missed curfew!

G Bro said...

I was trying to think of something catty to say, but I relented. Your blog is obviously just a case of puppy love.

Anonymous said...

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