Wednesday, August 23, 2006

City Steak

This recipe is super easy , but does take some time to fix the traditional way. My Sistah Cait, who has to go to a j-o-b during the day, said she was gonna try making it in a crock pot after the initial pan browning. I haven't heard how that worked for her.
Anyway, here's the recipe.
You will need:
  • 1/2 lb round steak per person
  • flour for dredging
  • enough vegetable oil to make 1/4" on bottom of heavy skillet/pan
  • 1 can Crm Mushroom Soup for every 2 people to be served ( I use 98% fat free kind)
  • 1 can water per 3 cans of soup
  • 8 - 16 oz Sour Cream depending on preferences, again I use reduced fat sour cream.

Rice, noodles or mashed potatoes

Pan brown individual size steaks in oil just until done.

Turn off heat under oil, but leave it in pan. If you've used a skillet instead of a pan, or you're going to cook this in a crock pot, transfer the oil to the pot or pan now.

Add the Soup and water to the oil and stir well. I like using a whisk, because I think it mixes faster and better.

Once the oil, soup, and water are mixed as well as they are gonna mix for now, turn the heat on low and add the steak back in. Put a top on the pan and stir every 30 minutes for 3-4 hours. If you're using a crock pot you're on your own from here.

At this point I take some yeast rolls out of the freezer, and let them start to thaw.

After 4 hours, the steak, even if it was tough and stringy, should be close to fork tender. Take the lid off the pan. Turn the heat up a bit and let the gravy begin to thicken a bit. Since you're going to add sour cream to it before you serve let it get a little thicker than you usually like your gravy. Keep stirring your City steak while it's thickening on this higher heat, but stir it every 15 minutes now.

When you start to cook your rice, noodles, or potatoes, add the sour cream to the steak. That way it'll be nice and hot when the starch side dish is done.

Now you've got meat, gravy, a starch to have the gravy on top of, and hot yeast rolls. Don't spoil it. Use BUTTER on those rolls.

Set aside w/o draining.


Cait said...

Haven't tried to cook this in the crock pot yet but will let you know when it happens. Good gosh almighty but this is soooooo yummy. Mouth watering just reading!

G Bro said...

Recipes!? Now that's the kind of hard-hitting online journalism I've come to expect from you!

(Uhh,... what time's dinner?)