Thursday, June 22, 2006

Just Waiting for the Bullets to Catch up

You get RED ink today, because I'm distressed by and mourning the blood of our brave soldiers, spilled by the cowardly, dastardly, inhuman, beastly, godforsaken Jihadists led by Aboo, the Monkey Boy!!!

I cannot believe this, this ,this Moronic, Flaming, Luciferian sociopath was insane [or egotistical] enough to claim personal credit for the torture mutilation deaths of two U.S. soldiers. The target that was already on his back and head wasn't big enough for him? Whatever this guy is smokin' , I want some... maybe it will help my headaches!!!

Special Forces wanted him before this incident, just because it's their job. Now he's made it PERSONAL!!! And this is where the front line commanders come in...

Why, in the name of all that is Holy and Just, and written in the basic handbook of combat command in a hostile environment was ONE vehicle left ALONE and vulnerable to just the sort of attack these young soldiers came under? Did their commander not read the section on diversionary attacks? Or is he just that derelict? Is he going to be held responsible?

I didn't go to West Point or OCS or the War College and even I know you NEVER, EVER leave ONE vehicle, no matter how well armed or armored a-flippin-lone in that freakin' country!!! You simply don't DO IT!!!

Now, I'll tell you how I REALLY feel. It's time for the Iraqis who want a free and democratic country to put THEIR lives on the line. It's time for their young men and women to suit up, and hump their gear through their own flippin' sand and get rid of the insurgents in their own flippin' villages and towns. Give every Allah lovin' loyal Iraqi 6 months to enlist, another 6 months to train them, ruthlessly, under brutal conditions, with NO contact whatsoever and NO chance to have contact with outsiders [so as to minimize the chances of infiltration by insurgents]. We've been there long enough that we by God and Greyhound ought to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff by now. And, once they are trained, let them fight their own battles.
Enough of our young men and women have lost their lives and limbs. I don't want to see an Iraq Wall in Washington in 25 years with the names of 50,000+ men and women on it.


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You tell 'em ,Sister!